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If they're both centrelock or 6bolt then yes


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I think you're asking if you can take some disc wheels from a bike with BR-RS505 hydraulic calipers and install them on to another disc equipped bike?

The answer is yes, but you need to ensure that the disc calipers on the destination bike are setup to take the same size discs as the bike that the wheels came from (on a road bike, most are 160mm but 140mm is also an option). If they are mismatched, then you would need the correct size discs or some adaptors for the calipers.


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As above, discs are not the issue (they are both 160mm), thru axle vs QR skewer is the issue.

So are you trying to fit the QR wheels to the bike with thru axle forks? (bottom to top)


As above, the RS-505 hubs are quick release so wont' fit on a through axle hub, and they are not compatbiel with any conversion kit either as they are cup and cone bearings.
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