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North Wales
Hi everyone.. I'm back!!! :dance:Its time to rehome my trusty Carrera Vulcan MTB and replace it with something which will re-ignite my cycling spark.
Ive decided on a Hybrid as most of my riding is roads, cycle paths, canal towpaths and often pot-holey lanes.
I don't want a Boardman as I know someone with that surname who annoys me so id not want it printed all over my ride..
I have pretty much decided on a Specialized Sirrus, the one I saw online and fell in love with (pro carbon??) was a bit expensive :blink: but it gives you an idea of what I'm looking at.
Thoughts? Suggestions? Or even anyone selling something?? I need a white one, possibly red accents, I'm in no real hurry but it would be a nice time of year to find one with summer being around the corner.
All help appreciated and free cake to the most helpful :tongue:


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Drop bars acceptable or has to have flats?

Needs to be white with red? Unlike the Ribble?
What’s the max budget?

If white, I’d try to find a Whyte Cambridge from a few years back. Top bikes!

I like Skol

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THIS got posted recently in another thread and really pricked my interest. I bet it's ruffty-tuffty enough for anything you have in mind and a decent price at £429
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No link?
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