v brakes

  1. GeekDadZoid

    V brakes

    I installed mini V brakes on my Holdsworth build so I could use standard road levers, but I think I would like to install full size v brakes on it and swap to some Tektro RL520. Spa have a good price on the levers, but wondering if anyone has a marine front and rear set of decent v brakes. Not...
  2. Twilkes

    Do cartridge V brakes squeal more than the all-in-one blocks?

    I put a new wheel in recently (Halo White Line Classic) and the squeal from the brakes is horrendous. Trying to stop coming down a ~10% hill put the bike into a full on hell-banshee shriek with the front of the frame shaking! I've tried adjusting the angle of the pads but no joy, and it's not...
  3. G

    V brakes keep losing their tension

    Do I need new V brakes or something? I'll set the screws so the pads are equidistant and play the brake lever a dozen or so times, then I find that a few minutes later there's some resistance and rubbing and the screws need setting again. Same thing keeps happening over and over. I really hate V...
  4. Denis99

    Centaur front mech, Sunrace 11-46 cassette,XTR V brakes, Lezyne Micro gps

    For sale, all include postage in the asking price. Campagnolo Centaur silver 11 speed braze on front mech. There is a scuff mark on the actuating lever, shown in the images. £15 posted. >>>> Shimano XTR M950 V brakes, new brake blocks . £75 >>>>> Lezeyne Micro GPS computer. Boxed...
  5. steven1988

    Carbon pads and Carriages that work with V Brakes

    Does anyone know any? Or a hack to make road pads work? Any help much appreciated
  6. S

    New springs for v brakes (rear) possible?

    OK, the rear brakes are of the v type, the caliper arm springs are loaded into the caliper Base, and fit into one of 3 holes, and the other end of the spring is controlled by a grub screw (cannot find a brand name on caliper, except it says Logan I think on the underside) can i replace these...
  7. KneesUp

    Mini V Brakes or Full Sized V Brakes - where do I measure?

    Well it must be summer as I've hauled the OHs bike out from the rear of the shed. I've never been able to get the brakes to work very well on it, mainly I think because it has crap plastic-bodied cantilevers on it from 1989. So I've binned them (and kept the decent pads I put on last summer)...
  8. U

    Is it possible to make cheap V brakes work well?

    When I say cheap, I mean on a brand new bike costing about £250 or less. BSOs usually have them and they are always crap. Apparently V brakes are very powerful but I have only ever come across them on cheap bikes. So assuming pad alignment and distance from rim is optimal, is there anything else...
  9. RichardB

    V brakes vs cantilevers?

    I have an early 90s MTB which I spent a few enjoyable days on this summer, showing it some lurve. Everything clean as a new pin, rusty bits rubbed down and refinished, new wheel bearings, new brake and gear cables, better bars and bar ends, everything lubed and adjusted. I'm delighted with how...
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