Centaur front mech, Sunrace 11-46 cassette,XTR V brakes, Lezyne Micro gps


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South Wales
For sale, all include postage in the asking price.

Campagnolo Centaur silver 11 speed braze on front mech.

There is a scuff mark on the actuating lever, shown in the images.

£15 posted.


Shimano XTR M950 V brakes, new brake blocks .



Lezeyne Micro GPS computer.
Boxed, mint, as new.



Sunrace 10 speed cassette
11 - 42 Shimano.
Good condition, plenty of life left.


GR013389.JPG GR013390.JPG

GR013393.JPG GR013394.JPG GR013395.JPG GR013396.JPG GR013397.JPG GR013398.JPG
GR013391.JPG GR013392.JPG


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Hello mate, can you confirm if this is a newer Lezyne Micro GPS that has Ant+ as well as Bluetooth? Guessing that's what 'enhanced' means but I'm guessing... cheers.
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