winter tyres

  1. M

    Winter Tyres

    What would be best for me for winter riding Continental Grand Prix 4 season in 28mm or Continental GP 5000 in 32mm
  2. M

    Winter Tyres

    Can anyone recommend a good set of winter tyres. Want to upgrade so that I try to keep the punctures down
  3. G

    Winter Tyres

    Hi there I want to put some winter tyres on my bike and have the following spare pairs of tyres in the house (not including the one round my middle!). What ones would be best for putting on the bike for winter riding: Continental Ultrasport Continental Grandsport Race Schwalbe Durano Are any...
  4. Sharky

    Studded winter tyres?

    Talking of winter tyres, is anybody aware of studded tyres that come in 28mm widths? I've googled, but they all seem to be in much wider tyres and my Ribble winter/audax frame, just takes 28mm tyres. As a victim to black ice a couple of years ago, it would increase my confidence a tad when the...
  5. Ming the Merciless

    Winter tyres

    Just bought one in 40-406, winter compound and sipes just like car winter tyres, for front wheel of recumbent.
  6. stuee147

    Winter trike tyres

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for winter tyres for a trike I currently have 20" semi slicks on the front and a 26" with some grip on the rear but as the weather is getting worse and we will no doubt get snow at some point I'm looking at changing my tyres for something a...
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