Winter trike tyres

Discussion in 'Recumbents, Trikes and HPVs' started by stuee147, 6 Nov 2015.

  1. stuee147

    stuee147 Senior Member

    north ayrshire
    Hi all
    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for winter tyres for a trike I currently have 20" semi slicks on the front and a 26" with some grip on the rear but as the weather is getting worse and we will no doubt get snow at some point I'm looking at changing my tyres for something a bit better suited to bad weather, as I found the front end slipping out in the wet this week.
    I mainly ride on the roads but I do have a few country lanes that get a bit wet and muddy in the bad weather so I'm looking for something that will give me traction but still gives a smooth ride I do have some MTB tyres but iv found I get a bit of vibration threw them.

    Has anyone any recommendations ?

  2. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    I like spiked tyres in really cold weather

    However I made the mistake of fitting the rear wheel only .. not a good idea when you have front wheel braking!

    I now use Marathon Winter on all three wheels.

    They are fitted on the Catrike when the forecast is bad, so it is ready for use

    Otherwise I use Marathon Supreme during good weather and Marathon Plus as a general winter tyre for the increased grip, p*nct*re proofing and durability
  3. OP

    stuee147 Senior Member

    north ayrshire
    @Cunobelin have you had any trouble with the marathon plus tyres ? i was reading an artical somwhere that was sayiing there had been problems with the marothon plus popping off the rims on some wheels but it didnt have much info.

    i like the idea of spiked tyres but dont you get a bit of vibration threw the wheels on tarmac /
  4. BlackPanther

    BlackPanther Hyper-Fast Recumbent Riding Member.

    I've ridden through 5 Winters on trikes. Apart from having to get off and push up a couple of cycle paths, and spinning when setting off in the ice/snow, I've managed with just a Marathon plus rear, and Marathon racers up front. I don't think the advantages of studded tyres anywhere near compensate for the slower, harsher ride. My commute is 25 miles a day though, mainly on roads. If I had a shorter, path commute I'd maybe consider the Marathon Winter/studded tyres.

    If you slow down for the bends and downhills you should be ok. When it comes time to swap the fronts I'd recommend the Tryker tyres. Much better grip in the wet, almost too much grip in the dry where they're more likely to lift a wheel rather than slide.
  5. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    I have never had a problem with the Marathon Plus on a range of rims.

    As for the spiked tyres... it is more af a very anoying buzz than vibration
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