winter is coming

  1. Ajax Bay

    1962 Winter Reliability Ride

    1962 Tyneside Vagabonds CC Reliability Ride - Vintage Cycling View: @GuyBoden posted this in another sub-forum.
  2. Racing roadkill

    It's Ninja season. Yayyyy.

    My morning commutes are starting to be 100 percent in the dark again now. Every year, without fail, it never ceases to amaze me, how many road users, fail to grasp the concept of lights. I nearly got broadsided by 2 cyclists, wearing dark clothes, and not having illuminated lights, of any...
  3. G

    Winter commuting

    Hi just wondering if people have any tips/recommendations for equipment when riding during the winter. I'll only be going between 10 and 25 miles for work however occasionally I may have longer leisure rides. Not looking to spend too much on each item so looking at the cheaper side of the spectrum.
  4. Hypermind

    Winter is coming...

    Hi all, I've been commuting for nearly 6 months now, 5 days per week and so far I've only encountered the odd downpour. I have cycle shorts and a cycling jersey, both a long sleeve and short sleeve. I also have a fluorescent jacket but not sure it's that waterproof. As winter is coming, how...
  5. hoppym27

    Nearly that time of year again...lights

    OK so the darker nights/mornings are coming in September..for my commute I will be 99% of the time on a pitch black cycleway and towpath....whats the most suitable/brightest lights pref rechargeable, for this scenario? I want to buy a set if possible but that isnt a definite depending on price...
  6. PeteXXX

    It's the Summer Solstice tomorrow. Anyone planning any Druid stuff?

    It's the Summer Solstice tomorrow. Anyone planning any Druid stuff? :smile:
  7. johnnyb47

    Changing habits of cycling through winter

    Hi to all. Now that winter is upon us I'm really not enjoying using my road bike at the moment. The bike I've got is quite sentimental to me and the thought of using it on the muddy salt ridden pot holed B roads in the dark really puts me off from using it ,as I really want to keep it looking...
  8. gavroche

    Who is hibernating now?

    The cold weather and high winds are upon us now so my bikes have been cleaned, oiled and put away as I will not use them much now until the weather improves . My spare bike is now set on rollers and that's what I shall be training on for the time being. Wet roads, dead leaves, salty tarmac is...
  9. wisdom

    winter glove recommendations

    I know that winters nearly over but these last 2 mornings commute at 0600 have left my fingertips numb and this morning they were quite painful.It took a while to get feeling and articulation back.I have some altura ones at the moment that used to be waterproof and windproof but to be honest...
  10. Pale Rider

    Using studded tyres

    Two falls on ice by others in my cycling group earlier today has persuaded me to buy some studded tyres. My weapons of choice are a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Winters. The question is what can I expect of them? I grasp they need to be run in on asphalt, and they give more ice/snow grip at...
  11. simongt

    You know when Winter is coming when....

    .... all the fancy road bikes disappear from the works cycle shed and the number of cars in the staff car park increase in proportion.:rofl:
  12. Justinslow

    Idiots on bikes

    Guy on a bike just now, all black gear, no lighting whatsoever, every other road user has lights of some discription on (as they are needed)........bellend.
  13. biggs682

    You can tell its winter because .......

    the temperature warning noise keeps chiming in our car and its annoying but a wortwhile warning how can you tell its winter ?
  14. stuee147

    Winter trike tyres

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for winter tyres for a trike I currently have 20" semi slicks on the front and a 26" with some grip on the rear but as the weather is getting worse and we will no doubt get snow at some point I'm looking at changing my tyres for something a...
  15. Andywinds

    Cycling in the darker months

    I've never done this really on the road. I've cycled during the winter on MTB trail etc and the odd mile stretch on quiet roads but not yet on a road bike. I work from home and can start a ride at 5:30pm, I'm not sure if I should try and avoid busy rush hour routes now and aim for quiet B...
  16. S

    Warm, peaked cap?

    Do you wear a thermal, peaked, cap under your helmet/instead of a helmet? If so, what do you wear? Thanks.
  17. R

    Commuting Winter Tyres

    Anyone got any recommendations for some decent winter tyres for my commute. Its all road based and I want to get there quickly but in one peice. I can be out as early as 7am at times
  18. U

    first winter of cycling.....when does ice become a problem?

    Hi, rediscovered cycling in the spring and have been commuting since then. Most of my path is a lightly gravelled canal towpath so should be quite grippy. I just have a hybrid with thin tyres. Before and after i get on the canal path though there is about 10 minutes or so on roads...just fairly...
  19. steveindenmark

    Winter, Winter, Winter

    Over the past few weeks there have been lots and lots of posts about Winter. It is not my intention to teach people to suck eggs, but if you use the search engine on this forum you will probably get the answer you are looking for. Just type "Winter" and see what comes up. There is lots of...
  20. Drago

    Greenwich Mean Time

    It's almost GMT, the landmark time of year when my summer bike (the Felt) get retired for the Winter bike (the Pinnacle). Wider gearing, 28c boots, more effective permanent mud guards instead of the (quite decent) RoadRacers on the Felt, and a frame heavily adorned in 3M reflective tape make...
  21. Andywinds

    Clothes for this time of year

    I need to help in to wear during the colder months. When I MTB i take a hydration pack which is also a rucksack for carrying a jacket and also something to stow away an extra layer when I get too warm. But with road biking I am not taking a rucksack to carry layers that I remove. Is there a...
  22. Accy cyclist

    Keeping my mouth/face warm this coming winter

    I've tried balaclavas and scarfs over the years but i've never quite managed to keep the cold out of my mouth. I get terrible dental pain after a ride in anything but warm weather, so much so that my teeth throb and i have to take painkillers to ease it. Even then it takes a while to go. I've...
  23. B

    What legwere do you employ during the cold and wet?

    So we are moving to the cold and wet times. I have head, body, hands, neck all sorted but have never been happy with my legwere? I would like to stay dry, but can live with damp, warm is more important Any pearls of wisdom out there?
  24. Glass Kites

    Thermal clothing?

    After only getting into cycling earlier this year, this will be my first winter on the bike. Just wondering if I'm going to need to buy some thermal jerseys and shorts? Or can I just 'layer up' with my current jerseys to keep warm?
  25. Francis

    Winter is coming - preps

    The garden was splashed with morning sun at 0700 this morning but I could feel the precursor of Autumnal chill on my skin. Maybe an Indian Summer will ghost through later, but we're headed for the dark times eventually. Rather than delay, I made a few changes to commuting rig ahead of time. -...
  26. Tarqs

    Yet more winter jacket advice

    Hi I've read the recent thread on winter jackets and just wanted to ask another couple of questions. I'm carrying a fair bit of timber, 6ft and 17 stone, hence the cycling and would normally take a 44" chest, which seems bigger than many manufacturers offer. It needs to be supremely...
  27. Wolf616

    Winter is coming

    Okay, okay it's probably a little bit early to be thinking about winter considering we are still (just about) in summer. Having said that, as I only started cycling at the end of May thus far my experience has largely been beautifully sunny days and an almost complete lack of rain (turns out...
  28. Nikko1829

    Winter Gloves..... Recommended?????

    Hi everyone. Last year in the winter time i did suffer big time with the hands. I was using a so called waterproof Sealskin glove. These gloves tbh were shocking. My hands suffered with being totally wet and cold, to the point where i had to get off the bike and carry it on my shoulder in...
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