zebra crossing

  1. simon.r

    Cycle / Zebra crossing - rules?

    A few of these crossings (cycle lane immediately adjacent to a zebra crossing) have appeared on my local routes: Anyone know what the legal position is re. priorities on the cycle crossing?
  2. helston90

    Waved through a zebra crossing - legal position?

    I was commuting to work this morning through a town, approaching a zebra crossing which had two people holding hands about to cross so I started slowing to stop. However, one of the peds clearly waved me through as I was on a slight climb and he didn't want me to lose my momentum. There was...
  3. captain nemo1701

    Redesigned zebra crossing on Bristol Railway Path now a hazard

    Those who commute down this will have had to slosh through a large puddle the width of the path down in Easton. The new problem has been created since the zebra crossing was remodelled back in August. There have been a few protests over the years here by concerned parents about speeding bikes...
  4. benb

    No respect or consideration for pedestrian crossings

    So, what about this tit then? (awaiting comments about how it was all my fault somehow! :tongue:)
  5. Mr_Kipling

    1 Zebra Crossing or 2?

    Did you know that it is sometimes 2 Zebra Crossings? View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X69Vde10ovk&feature=youtu.be
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