£1m cycle super-highway proposed for Newcastle city centre


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Great idea - it does three things
1 - boosts resentment towards cyclists
2 - still leaves the problem of what to do at the ends of it
3 - And this is the REALLY important BIG BIG one it makes it look as though the government is doing something for the green lets save the planet brigade. Gets votes looks good sounds even better. Cyclists ? What exactly are those ?
Having regularly rode from the Central Station to the university and back over the last few months (on average once a week) I would like to see a more cycle friendly route, from the station. The area around the entrance to the Haymarket and Eldon Square bus stations is a nightmare and yes I genuinely feel sorry for motorists who get caught in that area. Having said that, it was great being able to ride round the perimeter of the town moor. I am looking forward to the better weather when I can have my evening snack in the exhibition park before classes begin.
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