10 minute dust cover...Blue Peter style


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Jannies road bike will be going in the loft for the Winter this week and so I have made a dust cover in ten minutes. I will make into a bike bag in the Spring when I have time.

If you ever tried making the Blue Peter space station in the 70s, you will realise why this is Blue Peter Style.


First you will need a pencil and some paper to draw the design of the cover.

Or in our case we used a top of range, commercial sail making programme. Sorry kiddies, you wont find this in WH Smiths.


Now you need to find some material to make the cover. An old bedsheet is great if your mum has one.

Or in our case we used a spinnaker material. Only 100 m of this colour has ever been made.


Draw the rectangles for the cover and now you need some very sharp scissors, ask mum to help if you need to.

Or in our case, we used the worlds longest sail cutting laser to cut out our panels.


Make sure you use your scissors to cut nice straight lines. Like we did. :0)


Now use double sided tape to stick the 2 pieces together. Just like we did.


Once you have stuck the pieces together you now need to sew the pieces together with a needle and cotton. Be careful children because needles are very sharp.

And I am not joking kiddies.



You now have a lovely dust cover in 10 minutes to keep your bike nice and clean


If you have more bed sheet left over you can make a sail to put on your yacht.

Just like we did. :0)

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I thought it would be in 'sticky back plastic' :whistle:


Awesome. Feel bad for joking on the other thread. Jokes on me now. Lol.
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