105 v ultegra pedals - bearings and wear

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by Mr. Cow, 6 Mar 2018.

  1. Mr. Cow

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    Several months ago the metal plates on my durace pedals came away from the body (the holes where the screws went gave way). I removed the remains of the plates and carried in using them as I couldn't get a replacement plate. Which was annoying as I got these pedals "free" when I bought the bike a few years ago.

    Now, the body of the pedals have worn due to the missing plate and cleats la now sit quite loose. my only option is to replace them.

    I have been looking at the current 105 and ultegra r8000 pedals. I have read a review about the bearings on the 105s being on the outside and needing regular maintenance, whereas the ultegras are on tge inside. Also the 105s appear to have the metal plate screwed to the top in the same way as my durace pedals which failed, the ultegras appear "bonded".

    Has anyone had any of the above issues with 105 pedals (bearing life/top plate failure) ?
  2. I thought I had an issue with the bearings in my 105 Carbon pedals, because one of them was a bit graunchy, so I took the spindle with the bearings in it, out of the pedal body ( it just unscrews and slides out) the bearings were fine, what was causing the issue was that the shaft into which the spindle fits, had warped slightly, meaning the spindle was squished up against the end of the shaft, I backed the spindle out, by a bit, shoved a load of grease in the shaft, and they’re fine now. I’ve not had the same problem with the Ultegra Carbon pedals, because the design is different.
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  3. Colin S

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    I have the older Alloy 105s and some Ultegra 6800.
    Not really much to choose between them. Both are running perfectly with limited maintenance (Have flushed some fresh grease through a couple of times)
    Ultegra probably a bit more positive engagement but both are fine.
    You will be pleased with either

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  4. I've had a few sets of alloy 105 pedals and 105 Carbon ones. Ive never had a problem with the bearings but Ive worn out the hole it toes into on each one :-/
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