1. smokeysmoo

    FSA Orbit, Sealed Cartridge Bearings, 1 1/8

    My Marin has the above FSA headset, and I noticed last time out that it's developed a tiny amount of play. I'm not overly familiar with these headsets in terms of fettling, so any advice on what bearings and any crafty techniques anyone knows would be welcome. T.I.A :okay:
  2. Domus

    Square taper BB bearings

    Due to the shortage of BBs at the moment I have secured one from a very kind member on this foru:okay: Mine has a 73 shell and 122mm long. So I thought I would service my old on as a spare. I have managed to remove both bearings but am at a loss to find a replacement. The legend on the seal...
  3. D

    Verenti Kilmeston wheel bearings

    My old Kilmeston, its a size too big for me but we had some adventures together before it went on turbo duties, I've Just dug it out the shed either to sell or ride, but the wheel bearings need some grease and its not a standard set up, possible sealed bearings, so how do I get in?
  4. R

    Building a truing stand ?

    I have a background in metalwork and welding and want to built a wheel truing stand, nothing fancy but must be steel not wood and as good as a basic Park tool one. Can anyone tell me what features I need to design into it and what makes a good one, especially im thinking about how the...
  5. johnnyb47

    Making something out of ball bearings, (Any suggestions)

    Hi, I've got a huge box of ball bearings sitting here at home. It's about 10kg of them, that are the size of bicycle wheel bearings. What can I do with them. I could sell them, but I've also been thinking i could create something artistic with them, but what is the big answer. Any suggestions...
  6. dhd.evans

    Replacing Headset Bearings - Help!

    The bearings in my forks and headset are probably smooshed. I'm getting creaking during riding and when out of the saddle a distinct 'knock-knock' when i rock the handlebars. Bike is a B'Twin Ultra 700 AF and from here reckons: "The steering uses long-life, sealed bearings, with a 1⅛" diameter...
  7. Kryton521

    Ceramic bearings: All they're cracked up to be

    So, I'm looking for new bottom bracket. And since I'm replacing the standard ones. Why don't I spend more money than I've got and get some reasonably priced but still expensive "bling" ceramic BB? Can't justify the price of the ones that save you an average of 4 watts[?] maybe even more. But...
  8. Paulus

    Pedal bearings adjustment nut size?

    One of my normal cage pedals had become stiff to turn. What is the normal lockout size? I ask because a 10 mill is too small, an 11 mill too big, so is an old 7/16th. Is there a special size spanner for the job?
  9. E

    Hub bearings...

    Yesterday on a ride where my bike got caught in the rain and where I ended up doing a spot of inadvertent CX, my rear hub started making an alarming noise like a bag of spanners, first when freewheeling and later all the time. I know the hub races and bearings will need inspection and at a bare...
  10. ExsailorUk

    Head bearings loose in the tube

    hi, I’ve a Raleigh race bike, bought 2nd hand, and recently found by bars were loose in the tube. I bought new bearings, top and bottom, cleaned everything out thoroughly, and put back together following all the advise from YouTube, but still had the wobble. In the end I had to use a shim (I cut...
  11. NorthernSky

    Which bearings for fork/steerer on road bike?

    let the bottom bearing in my forks get in a bad way and need to replace them. the top one isn't too bad bu i might get a set if i can including the races not sure which ones to buy any help from these pics? i measured top of the tube and it seems to be 1 1/8th bottom. a different shape to...
  12. mangid

    Chris King re-greasing bearings whilst installed on bike ?

    I've got a Chris King headset on my precious Burls, and it's time, I think, to re-grease the bearings, 60K miles over 4 years. Is this something you can do with them installed on the bike? I've tried to read up, and the service documentation says they should not be removed from the cups, and I...
  13. W

    WMFG T47 outboard bearings BB

    Bit of a long shot but thought I'd see if anyone was after one. I have a Wheel's Manufacturing T-47 bottom bracket which I bought for a build, and it doesn't quite fit with my cranks. Just wondered if anyone on here might want it. Still new, never fitted. Supplied with all the spacers and...
  14. PeteXXX

    How do you remove these rear bearings?

    Wheel is an M1800, DT Swiss hub. 15mm axle. The inside bore is smooth, so no way of getting to the back of it. Ta.
  15. Browser

    Headset bearings, assembly of.

    Hi all, I've removed the steerer from my bike for the first time, the headset bearings appear to be in very good nick so I'm going to re-install them. They and the races have been coated/smeared in a greenish-coloured paste/grease , what type of lube should I be using to re-assemble the steerer...
  16. Andrew_Culture

    Bkool Go Trainer - using brakes and killing bearings

    I've searched the forum and can't find anyone else who has posted about this problem. I set up my new Bkool Go and jumped on my bike, just to give it a spin. After a few seconds I got some (virtual) speed up and was having a great old time. Then I was politely reminded by my family that I was...
  17. Welsh wheels

    Help me find the right headset bearings

    The headset bearings on my genesis delta 10 need replacing as they are very worn. I have been searching for a week and can't for the life of me understand what I need to get. Online bike shop websites, that sell this model, suggest that the headset on the bike is an FSA Orbit C-40. I understand...
  18. R

    Cones for axle bearings ?

  19. R

    Wheel bearings rant

    Is anyone else's piss boiling about throwing away good wheels because the bearing cups are worn out ? What a waste of resources and money just for a pressed in steel cup worth a couple of quid, if only they had made them replaceable. :cry: Rant over.
  20. andsaw

    Bottom Bracket Bearings

    Is paying more for Angular BB bearings worth it or is standard BB bearings which cost around two thirds less, and would be noticeable as i read the description that standard bearings only have 3-4 ball bearings in contact at any one time as the angular bearings have all ball bearing in contact...
  21. bonker

    Rear wheel bearings

    Any techies out there know what bearing I should get as replacements in the Dia-Compe Gran Compe rear track hub?
  22. cyberknight

    replacement head set bearings

    for a 2011 boardman road comp i have the fsa brand ones but dos anyone know of alternatives i can get please? Upper: FSA TH-870 MR042 1 1/8" ACB 45째 x 45째 (Part number: 160-6480) Lower: FSA TH-073 MR110 1.5" ACB 36째 x 45째 (Part number: 160-6740)
  23. Mr. Cow

    105 v ultegra pedals - bearings and wear

    Several months ago the metal plates on my durace pedals came away from the body (the holes where the screws went gave way). I removed the remains of the plates and carried in using them as I couldn't get a replacement plate. Which was annoying as I got these pedals "free" when I bought the bike...
  24. wisdom

    Headset bearings.

    My ridgeback supernova developed lumpy steering. On inspection the top(caged)bearings were past the best and the cage was in pieces. I have tried all the local bike shops and none have any that fit.So I put loose ball bearings in and packed them with grease.All is smooth for now. The shops had...
  25. I like Skol

    What are the best integrated headset bearings, standard or something else?

    Just had to dismantle the headset on my carbon bike for the first time, it was getting a bit clicky after 18 months of neglect. Dead easy to get the sealed bearings out, just pull out with fingers. Lower bearing has some external rust obscuring some of the markings. Top bearing is TH MR121.1-1/8...
  26. W

    Fixied/singlespeed with sealed bearings wheel set

    My trusty R500s have (I think) begun to come to the end of their life, after around two years of pretty much constant use and hardly any cleaning or servicing. I'm gonna be getting a new bike in either 2018/9, but going to keep this one as my run around and been wanting to try fixed for a while...
  27. J

    Riding on a wheel which is rattling (bearings)

    So, just as I set off for work this morning (very late), I could hear and almost feel the rattle of ball bearings coming from the front wheel hub. It's very noticeable, and just started when I left the house this morning. I rode into work OK, with nothing wrong aside from the rattling noise -...
  28. B

    Ceramic Wheel Bearings

    Been looking around for wheels. Found a cracking deal on a set similar to what I was after. They come with Ceramic bearings. How well would these stand up to using this though Winter? Are they worth the extra cash and potential handle?
  29. X

    What size wheel hub bearings for Rockrider 540 MTB?

    hey guys/lassies my mtb has been giving me a bit of flack on its wheel hubs for a while, what size bearings should i be looking for to replace them? front wheel is really annoying me and some of the bearings have a dull couloring on spots instead of been shiny. its the old black/grey/orange...
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