1. mickle

    Mikashima Ezy pedals

    Did I ever show you these? The clip in pedal is a Time A-TAC clone. Discontinued, I managed to get one of the last three pairs left on the shelf at the factory. They swap out in seconds without tools so I can wear me bovver boots or plimsolls to nip to the co-op, or cleated shoes if I'm...
  2. nickg

    Speedplay zero Pedals

    Speedplay zero pedals and cleats. Have been used by many miles left in them. £75 including postage.
  3. nickg

    Speedplay ultra light action pedals and cleats. (SOLD)

    As the title, Speedplay ultra light action pedals and cleats with covers Everything in the picture included. £105 including postage.
  4. S

    AEST pedals

    Hi All, does anyone have any AEST pedals they would be willing to sell. The nut has come out of the end of one, and although I could order another pair, it could take up to a month or more to arrive. Thanks in advance.
  5. Mark1978

    Wanted : Garmin Vector 3s power meter pedals or alternative

    Looking for the cheapest set of power meter pedals i can get my hands on so that i can hook the wife's spin bike up to zwift. Vector 3 preferred as they are SPD-SL but any others considered.
  6. H

    Cleats for Traditional Pedals

    Please does anyone know if I can get traditional cleats for classic flat pedals (Campag/SR type) to fit a modern three-bolt shoe like the one in the picture ? Thanks chaps.
  7. keithmac


    Hello all, I need a new set of pedals for the GTECH, ideally same as fitted but I can't find any!. (Wellgo pedals k79 c210). Are all pedals the same thread? Don't want to buy a set and have bother fitting them.. Had a look and can't see any way to take them to bits..
  8. nickg


    After some advice, Currently got some speedplay pedals that came with a 2nd hand bike. Previous bike I had spd sl pedals. Are speedplay an upgrade on the spd pedals? Only because I dont feel as connected to the bike with speedplay, so thinking of selling them.and buy the spd sl. If so which...
  9. bobsinatra

    Appropriate Cycle Shoes for pedals in video

    Hi As I bought this bike second hand, I don't know the kind of pedals that I have. I would like to get proper cycle shoes to assist with longer rides. What entry level cycle shoes would you recommend to go with these pedals? Any advice appreciated. At present, I am doing a couple of 25...
  10. S

    QR Pedals for reducing theft ?

    Just wondered if anyone has fitted quick release removable pedals in order to make their bike less nickable ?
  11. Knightly85


    I need to get some flat pedals for my bike, they currently have the pedals with the foot cage (I've taken the cage off) and they seem not wide enought plus I can only use one side of the pedals. I want to replace them with some flat road bike pedals, which don't cost a lot of money. I've been...
  12. Distorted Vision

    Mastering Combination Pedals

    I have Shimano M324 pedals on my Giant Roam 0 hybrid. I use the flat side not cleats. I know this sounds stupid but I've not been able to master getting the right side. For some reason whenever I set off at traffic lights. My left foot always finds the cleat side and sometimes it can be...
  13. BigTam

    Shimano Ultegra PD R8000 carbon pedals SOLD

    Shimano PD R8000 carbon pedals, good condition, only covered a couple of hundred miles, new set of SPD SL cleats included, £45 posted.
  14. wafter

    "Gravel" SPD pedals - what do you like?

    Assuming all goes according to plan my new "gravel" (fapping hate the term already) bike should arrive tomorrow. My road bike has Shimano PD-A600s fitted (two-bolt MTB cleat, single-sided with an integral platform) like these: I bought them because of their flat design in the hope they'd...
  15. clid61

    Brompton pedals

    Just bought a Brompton. Are folding pedals necessary ?
  16. Landsurfer

    Conversion Plates for 540 type SPD Pedals

    Does anyone make a plate that clips into a MTB type Shimano SPD pedal that allows standard trainers to be worn ? Would like to go for short rides with the girls (10 & 8) without wearing my cycle shoes. I know there are dual type pedals available but just looking for a simple conversion plate...
  17. gbs

    SPEEDPLAY pedals

    So far on my roadbikes i have used Shimano one sided pedals. Very happy until recently but now I have developed an inexplicable hip strain. It was suggested that Speedplay because of large float might be beneficial. I welcome all comments: 1) is the conversion kit to allow fitting of such...
  18. Spiderweb

    Shimano PD-R540 SPD-SL pedals NOW SOLD

    I’m selling a brand new pair of black Shimano PD-R540 SPD-SL road bike pedals, cleats are not included. These are brand new in sealed bags. The first image is taken from the internet, the other photo is of the actual pedals. Asking £18 posted first class. Payment via PayPal gift please.
  19. eldridge


    Hi Folks I”m in the market for some road bike clip less pedals has anyone got recommendations please? I”m after value for money tbh but any suggestions would be welcomed. thanks in advance Eldridge 😎
  20. BigMeatball

    Pedals on the wattbike

    Hi Quick question about pedals. I've recently started training on a wattbike. As most indoor bikes, this one has flat pedals with toe clips on one side, and on the other side an attachment for some sort of cleats. So far I've used it with my gym shoes. I'm not familiar with cleats and bike...
  21. MonsterEnergy


    I have got a Carrera Vulcan Hardtail MTB, and wondering how to take the pedals off, as i want to get a different colour. Also how do you take off the handle bar grips, to swap with different colour? I have watched Matt Jones, and Sam Pilgrim videos, and have inspired myself to doing stuff like that.
  22. davidphilips

    Silly question about cleats and pedals?

    Are the older type of look pedals compatible with shimano road pedals? Another cyclist today insisted they are and cleats/pedals from either are interchangable? Reason i ask is i have a few sets of older style look pedals i was going to bin but if they can be used by some one that uses shimano...
  23. B

    Spd shoes with flat pedals.

    I have a very nice pair of Nortwave Goretex spd boots. Any suggestions as to how I can adapt these to use on flat pedals? I can remove the cleats but what could I fill the gap with to provide some grip. I have lost my confidence using spd pedals especially off road.
  24. Nytsom

    Flat Pedals & Shoes

    I have a question? MTB flat pedal Recommendations? But more importantly; What shoes are best for flat pedal riding? I use clipless pedals on all bikes, but need to use flat pedals on my 29’er. Should I look for dedicated MTB Flat pedal shoes or boots? or maybe find some suitable trail walking...
  25. MrGrumpy

    Seized on pedals

    Any tips on removing very stuck on pedals ? Think the alloy and steel have welded together!
  26. SuperHans123

    Preferred footwear for non-roadies (Flat pedals)

    I have just bought my 3rd pair of Five Tens. Excellent shoe with brilliant grip and they are ok enough looking to wear when not on the bike. What are you preferred shoes/trainers for cycling with flat pedals?
  27. Alongo

    Shimano Tiagra groupset , Shimano pedals.

    10 speed Shimano Tiagra 4700 groupset minus brakes and b/b. As new , taken off a new bike , unused . 170 mm cranks 50/34 rings. 11-32 cassette . £175 Ono. Shimano 105 pedals spd , done about 30 miles , £30 . Can email pics if interested.
  28. GuyBoden

    DMR V6 Cheap Plastic Pedals, adding an oil port.

    I got a pair of inexpensive, but good DMR V6 pedals. They were a bit stiff due to having bushes not bearings, so I drilled a small hole in the side of the plastic axle. Then I pumped in some oil from a oil bottle until the oil leaked from the top and bottom of the axle. I then filled the holes...
  29. EasyPeez

    Trouble removing pedals and crankset

    It's my first attempt and I suspect I'm doing this all wrong...been trying and failing to get these off using the 6mm hex key on my multitool. It's not having it at all so I was thinking I'd get a longer hex for more leverage but am I even doing it right? Should I be trying to use a spanner on...
  30. Andy in Germany

    Stiff pedals

    I've just bought a new set of pedals, not the most expensive I have to say, and they seem pretty stiff. Is this a normal state of affairs? If not I'm assuming that taking them apart and repacking with grease would be the way to go. Is there anything I need to know before I pull the spindle...
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