1. Cycleops

    Could this replace SPD pedals?

    Some of you might already be aware of Pitbull pedals, they’ve been around for a while. What does everyone think? Real advantage or dead end? View:
  2. E

    Removing pedals - is this as simple as it looks?

    Hi all - I have a Raleigh Motus ebike and as I ride it on Canal paths a lot it gets dirty - especially in winter I can take the wheels off easily and clean the chain and gears - but the front cog is a problem as I can;t get to most of it. The Chain guard needs to be removed to get to it and the...
  3. Velochris


    Used for about 20 miles. Pedals only, no cleats. £22 Price includes postage within the UK, which will be deducted if collected (Blackburn, Lancashire).
  4. Dwn

    Switching from SPD’s to flat pedals

    I’ve been mainly using spd pedals on my road bikes for quite a long time. The exceptions were my Brompton and an elephant bike - both used for short and slow trips. I like spds and have no trouble using them, with one important caveat. After about two hours, my feet in the area of the cleat...
  5. BurningLegs

    Flat pedals- Havant/Emsworth/Petersfield

    Does anyone in the Havant/Emsworth/Petersfield area have a set of flat pedals available? Just looking for a basic set to replace a worn/damaged set 🙂
  6. W

    can a ebike with no pedals on the road in georgia usa

    looking to get a ebike with no pedals
  7. bikingdad90

    China play pedals

    After watching TraceVelo talk about some imitation speed play pedals I have decided to give them a whirl to see what they are like. I struggle with hot spots with SPD and with Look Leo’s so wondering if these cheap speed play will perform. I’ve ordered a spare pair of cleats in case the c clip...
  8. S

    Struggling to remove pedals

    I installed some shimano M520 pedals on my 105 cranks 5 years ago and haven't touched them since. I've been trying to remove them for the past week on and off - I've soaked them in WD40 daily, but they won't budge at all. I've been using this spanner: but seem to have bent one of the arms in...
  9. Midsrider

    Pedals for Trek DS2 help with legal regulations.

    Hi all, I recently bought a Trek DS2 and as with most bikes, the pedals are just ok but not great. I was just going to order the much better Bontrager pedals in the same colour as my bike when I read about the law that riding a bike when it gets dark must have reflectors on. now I will not be...
  10. W

    French Thread Pedals

    Hi all, I recently picked up a Peugeot PBN10 racing bike from the early eighties, with branded cranks which look ideal. However, I've now realised it must take the smaller thread pedals as have had issues with regular pedals. I have heard it's pretty straightforward to tap the threads out but...
  11. A

    How many times did you fall using clipless pedals?

    And what was the cause/situation? e.g. trouble clipping in or clipping out?
  12. A

    Adjusting tension in clipless pedals?

    How do I know how much to adjust the tension, how can I get it just right?
  13. Gunk

    Speedplay Frog Pedals

    Speedplay Frog Clipless Pedals very hard to find, excellent condition with very little wear and super smooth bearings. £45 including postage, Paypal accepted.
  14. MonsterEnergy


    Hello Sorry, i'm sure i've asked this before but can't remember. How do you know what size MTB pedals to get? Am i right in saying there are 2 sizes.1/2inch and 9/16inch? Appreciate everyone's help.
  15. B

    Cleats and Pedals

    Hello, I need help with cleats and pedals.... May anyone shed light on what pedals/cleats are compatible with: Liv Avail SL 2 Disc Womens Road Bike and Cannondale Synapse 105 road bike. I'm a bit lost as to what pedals/cleats/shoes are compatible.... I'm a newbie in road bikes. Many...
  16. rivers

    Wanted: Power Meter Pedals

    As per title, I'm on the hunt for a set of power meter pedals. Single sided- either favero assioma uno or garmin 3s preferred.
  17. bobsinatra

    Entry level pedals for MTB shoes

    Hi I have recently bought these shoes and I have pedals that are compatible with them on one side and a flat pedal on the other. Now that I have the MTB shoes, I was thinking of getting a double sided pedal to go with the shoes. Any recommendations appreciated...
  18. bobsinatra

    Setting up MTB shoes

    Hi I have my first set of clip in shoes. I just wanted to check my understanding of the set up is correct. I have attached a video of the pedals I have and the shoes. There is no real play in the shoes, but I work out where the ball of my foot is compared to the cleat, and then tighten the...
  19. Bondsy

    Kyokuto Pedals

    Does anyone know anything about Kyokuto pedals. I am currently restoring a 1967 Mercian and it has some pretty rough Kyokuto Sprint pedals, and not sure if they are worth the effort to sort out. However doing some looking on the net I can not find any ref to the sprint pedals. Everything is...
  20. le_al_khemista

    Foot pain. Morton's neuroma?

    Hi all, I've always used flat pedals without any issue whatsoever but recently decided to get some SPDs (Shimano M520) and shoes (Giro Cylinder) and after about 30min on the bike I start getting some pain under my right foot, roughly between the 3rd and 4th toes and toes start going numb. The...
  21. S

    From flats to Clipless pedals!

    I'm looking for advice easiest pedals to clip in and out of? Are the shimano MTB a good choice for my first clipless pedals?
  22. Justinitus

    SOLD Deity Compound V2 Pedals

    Hi all. Deity Compound V2 nylon flat pedals, black. One short ride old so totally as new condition. £30 posted, payment via Paypal f&f or bank transfer. Thanks
  23. rogerzilla

    Shimano PD-7810 pedals now found

    These are alloy bodied Dura-Ace, quite a few years old now. Anyone got a pair where the bearings are good?
  24. Dan77

    Advice on pedals - SPD for road/commute?

    I've never used clipless pedals before. I was thinking SPD may be better for me as they're apparently easier to get out of and probably more importantly, the cleats are recessed allowing me to walk in the shoes properly. This would be particularly useful for the commute. They will be fitted...
  25. S

    Squeaky Pedals

    I've got Ultegra SPDs, and recently they've developed a creak. Started with the left and is now affecting both pedals. Only really happens with decent pressure, but is very annoying when climbing. Any ideas what to try first?
  26. jnb

    Thick question about replacement pedals

    I have a rusted wreck that I am getting moving again. Most of the mechanics I can fix, chain replaced, wheels stripped cleaned etc. One part that needed replacing was the pedals so replacement pedals turn up from amazon and are now in place. But ... in the package with the pedals were apparently...
  27. A

    Clipless pedals and urban cycling?

    I do urban cycling where frequent stopping occurs and there are lots of lights so I wondered whether it would be a good idea to get clipless pedals or is it potentially dangerous?
  28. T

    Pedals and helmet feedback

    Hello all I am looking for budget friendly dual pedal (platform/SPD) and helmet (each under 60 pounds) I will provide what I found below as it is hard to suggest something that is not available nearby or in north america. If you think that is not enough 60 pounds each let know so I can increase...
  29. Welsh wheels

    Wondering whether to make the switch to SPD-SL pedals and road shoes.

    I have been road cycling for four years but have always used SPDs and mtb shoes, partly because I used to use the same bike for commuting and recreational road cycling and found them easier to walk in, and partly because it was a cheaper setup! They say that they aren't as comfortable for road...
  30. A

    Flat Pedals

    Dear cyclist, I own a road race bike and it's fitted with a toeclip pedal, the problem is that this toeclip is a real hustle to get in and out of which I often have to because I live in the city and therefore I was thinking about buying flat pedals. The problem is that I am on quite a tight...
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