1. sevenfourate

    NEW: 9/16 Nylon Pedals, Pedal Spanner + MultiTool - £10 posted.

    As pictured. Came with a new bike from Chain Reaction Cycles and not used or needed. Pedals look / feel decent enough. Rubber handled pedal spanner and very handy / nifty multi-tool with 4 Allen keys, Phillips and flat-head screwdriver, torx drive and common socket. Just £10 posted (Tracked)...
  2. Adam4868

    Spd bike pedals.

    Cheap pair wanted for son to try out on MTB.If anyone has some they want to sell on. Thanks
  3. sevenfourate

    FREE: 700c or 28” Inner Tubes / Pay it forward thread…

    Great community here. Much help and enjoyment gotten here from me…..😎 So: new bike arrived today. One that I’d already bought my own choice of pedals for. And then actually came with not one but two pairs included 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🙄 So I’m offering them up here free of charge for anyone in need. You...
  4. H

    Wahoo Speedplay PowrlinkPedals

    Just the pedals - and charger just don't need 2 sets now. Never been used on the road, light indoor use on turbo Buyer to collect from Lowestoft Suffolk £350 ono
  5. cyberknight

    MTB pedals all sold

    1 set of m520 £13 posted ? Sold 2 sets of a 600 £20 posted each ? Seen plenty of miles as shown by the wear but bearing still good
  6. Elybazza61

    More stuff #2- Road Pedals

    Shimano PD-R500 SPD-SL pedals ; these are the easy unclip ones. Unboxed but brand new £23 posted Look Keo classic -well used/pre scuffed ^_^ £15 posted
  7. Kernow_T

    SOLD: Barely used Shimano 105 SPD-SL Pedals £23 posted

    Very well regarded with less than 500 miles use so in perfect working order and very good cosmetic condition with only a few slight cosmetic marks as pictured
  8. fraz101

    SPD-SL pedals (NOW SORTED)

    Not too fussed on model but must be in decent condition with good bearing condition
  9. fraz101

    Look Keo Max 2 SOLD

    Look Keo Max 2 Plus postage of your choice
  10. Milzy

    Assioma favero Duo power pedals.

    Amazingly accurate power pedals. Good condition. Going to speed plays. Grab a bargain. £390 inc P&P. :)
  11. Kevin Alexander

    Wahoo pedals and garmin fenix watch

    Used once and just didn’t get on with them, plus all other bikes have look so don’t want to be changing cleats or buying new shoes Impulse buy Paid £340 for them Selling for £220 delivered to Uk (might have cleats as well )
  12. Milzy

    Favero Assioma Duo Power Meter Pedals Bike.

    Gauging interest to sell my FAD’s. They’re in great condition boxed with charger etc. I will add photos soon but you know what they are. They are only going up in price with inflation. How about £490 inc P&P first class recorded delivery.
  13. S

    Deore XT rattrap pedals

    Looking for the old non spd XT pedals with the big curved cage. Other half's are about to fall apart. Talking about original mtb pedals probably last version just before spd mtb pedals were available.
  14. Landsurfer

    DMR V8 PEDALS NEWish ....

    DMR V8 PEDALS fitted them, then rode round the block .... then took them off .... don’t feel safe if not clipped in ... So new pedals .. ish ... Price ? your offer + £4.75 p&p.
  15. nlmkiii

    wanted - long axle shimano pedals (extended 4mm)

    Hi all, Not worried too much about Ultegra vs Dura-Ace as I'll just be using them on the turbo trainer bike. Happy with any condition too as long as price reflects it. Obviously has to be the extended axle version, no interest in the standard option. Thanks, Sheridan
  16. Landsurfer

    WELLGO B087 PEDALS AND ZEFAL TOE CLIPS £17.50 inc post and packing

    WELLGO B087 PEDALS AND ZEFAL TOE CLIPS, no reflectors ....
  17. Saracenlad

    Advice re Clipless Pedals?

    Good morning all. Hope you all had a good Christmas? I have always ridden with toe clips and straps on all my bikes. My wife bought me new cycling shoes for Christmas. They are very nice and comfortable off the bike, they are however a more bulky shoe and I am worried that I may have problems...
  18. Crevice

    Looking For Budget Flat/Platform Pedals

    I'm looking pretty hard at the Crankbrothers Stamp 2 platform pedals (large) and wondering if there were other pedals that could be suggested for me to compare before I buy. They are actually a bit more than I would like to spend but I may get them if nothing else gets my eye. I might even...
  19. FrothNinja

    Origins of steel pedals???

    Hello Hive Does anyone know when all steel pedals started being available to the public? Not necessarily quills but the ones like animal traps (like the ones from my Centurion pictured). I've seen a pair recently on an allegedly pre 1922 pic. On a bike that looks set up for flat track racing but...
  20. P

    Matching shoes to my pedals???

    I'm looking to find a black friday deal on my first pair of clipless shoes. I have crank brothers doubleshot 2's. How do I find shoes that will work with these pedals? Thanks for any help!
  21. S

    clipless or flat pedals

    Hi All, I have recently changed to gravel tyres on my cube cross race pro. I have been doing a mixture of road, bridleway & canal path rides. should I switch to flat pedals from clipless? alternatively can anyone recommend any adaptors so I can stay clipless for road rides? many thanks 👍
  22. J

    Flat pedals with pins + booties?

    I know there are various approaches to minimizing cold and or wet feet. My question is about only one of those approaches: in particular, Does anybody know if the under-strap and/or the soles of booties/overshoes get chewed up or even ruined by the pins on some flat pedals (such as mine which...
  23. biggs682

    Brooks B17 and Crank bros pedals Both SOLD

    PEDALS SOLD For sale : Removed from a recent purchase . Brown Brooks B17 champion standard saddle with black rails and frame. No date stamping so unsure how old . In good condition and shape no splitting or cracks . Nice patina . Asking £50 plus £6 carriage to a UK address via my Hermes...
  24. Peter Salt

    Cleat wedges

    Hia, I was going about my bike fit yesterday and noticed that after a few minutes of semi-intense pedalling the outside of my right foot started aching, the left followed suit a short while after. Thought I'm doing something wrong but after a bit of searching found out that it's probably just...
  25. B

    The dreaded creak - pedals, chainring bolt, crank?

    Well, when I say creak, that doesn't quite do it justice. I've got a noticeable sensation of play in the cranks/pedals under heavy load, once per crank revolution, if I had to say at about 5 and 7 o'clock (viewed from driveside). Not so drastic as chain slipping, but unpleasant, and the...
  26. J

    Click'r pedals

    Hi All Having had hip surgery I am currently using half toe clips rather than clipless SPD pedals. Prior to this I've used clipless for 25 years (A520s). I am looking to get back to clipless but want very easy release. I always used the A520s on the loosest setting anyway so am considering...
  27. stalagmike

    Touring pedals

    I'm after a set of pedals with flats on one side and clipless SPD on the other. It's for a 90s mtb skip find I'm doing up as a tourer, so I'm trying to do the whole build eco style by buying as few new parts as possible
  28. M

    Cycle shoes on flat pedals

    Hi I'm after some advice please. I have the Voodoo Marasa Hybrid bike and I've purchased a pair of muddy fox MTB shoes. They are these on the link...
  29. TV8 but now flat 6

    Built-up pedals with different leg lengths?

    Hi everyone, over the last year, I have become a regular cyclist and have moved to off-road and gone back to mountain biking - lots of fun! Due to an accident many years ago, I have odd lengths legs (Approx 20mm) and wear a build up on one shoe. Giving the bike a check over and I noticed that...
  30. velohomme

    Withdrawn. Shimano PD R540 SPD Pedals

    Shimano M540 SPD pedals. Used and some marks from usage as to be expected. £20 postage included.
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