1. davidphilips

    Silly question about cleats and pedals?

    Are the older type of look pedals compatible with shimano road pedals? Another cyclist today insisted they are and cleats/pedals from either are interchangable? Reason i ask is i have a few sets of older style look pedals i was going to bin but if they can be used by some one that uses shimano...
  2. B

    Spd shoes with flat pedals.

    I have a very nice pair of Nortwave Goretex spd boots. Any suggestions as to how I can adapt these to use on flat pedals? I can remove the cleats but what could I fill the gap with to provide some grip. I have lost my confidence using spd pedals especially off road.
  3. Nytsom

    Flat Pedals & Shoes

    I have a question? MTB flat pedal Recommendations? But more importantly; What shoes are best for flat pedal riding? I use clipless pedals on all bikes, but need to use flat pedals on my 29’er. Should I look for dedicated MTB Flat pedal shoes or boots? or maybe find some suitable trail walking...
  4. MrGrumpy

    Seized on pedals

    Any tips on removing very stuck on pedals ? Think the alloy and steel have welded together!
  5. SuperHans123

    Preferred footwear for non-roadies (Flat pedals)

    I have just bought my 3rd pair of Five Tens. Excellent shoe with brilliant grip and they are ok enough looking to wear when not on the bike. What are you preferred shoes/trainers for cycling with flat pedals?
  6. Alongo

    Shimano Tiagra groupset , Shimano pedals.

    10 speed Shimano Tiagra 4700 groupset minus brakes and b/b. As new , taken off a new bike , unused . 170 mm cranks 50/34 rings. 11-32 cassette . £175 Ono. Shimano 105 pedals spd , done about 30 miles , £30 . Can email pics if interested.
  7. GuyBoden

    DMR V6 Cheap Plastic Pedals, adding an oil port.

    I got a pair of inexpensive, but good DMR V6 pedals. They were a bit stiff due to having bushes not bearings, so I drilled a small hole in the side of the plastic axle. Then I pumped in some oil from a oil bottle until the oil leaked from the top and bottom of the axle. I then filled the holes...
  8. EasyPeez

    Trouble removing pedals and crankset

    It's my first attempt and I suspect I'm doing this all wrong...been trying and failing to get these off using the 6mm hex key on my multitool. It's not having it at all so I was thinking I'd get a longer hex for more leverage but am I even doing it right? Should I be trying to use a spanner on...
  9. Andy in Germany

    Stiff pedals

    I've just bought a new set of pedals, not the most expensive I have to say, and they seem pretty stiff. Is this a normal state of affairs? If not I'm assuming that taking them apart and repacking with grease would be the way to go. Is there anything I need to know before I pull the spindle...
  10. nickg

    Pedals and shoes

    Right I'm looking at getting some pedals and shoes for my cyclocross bike that I use mainly for rides with the family at the moment but I'm going to be doing some longer rides soon with training starting for lejog. So i want some clip in pedals and then I would like a trainer type of shoe that...
  11. simon the viking

    Very Cheap wheels and 2x pairs of SPD-Sl pedals

    Hi Folks.... I have the O.E wheels off a 2014 Defy 2 for sale. part number SR-2 They were taken off the bike after about 12 months of use. The rear hub was a bit noisy when I removed them, I think its sealed so bear in mind(the front was fine) the logos are Okay-ish the worst is on the front...
  12. U

    How to get these pedals off (with pics)?

    Training my now 7 year old daughter to ride a bike has been hard going and she still hasnt clicked. Going to do what I should have done at the beginning and take the pedals off to make it more of a balance bike. However, I wasn't sure how to do it...can anyone advise? Pics here...
  13. Kernow_T

    *SOLD* Shimano 105 5800 Carbon pedals - £33 posted In good+ used (c.750 miles use) condition and spindles/bearings re-greased yesterday. Very highly regarded and reviewed. Price excludes PP fees
  14. Reynard

    Removing stuck pedals: shimano double-sided SPD

    The bike I bought secondhand yesterday comes equipped with double-sided Shimano SPD pedals. As I ride either on single-sided or flats, I've been trying to remove the blighters. To no avail. They are right royally stuck. They need an allen key to undo I think, (I can't see any other obvious...
  15. roadrash

    Shimano spdsl pedals

    Shimano spdsl pedals ( pd-r540) Used and scuffed ,visually not the best but bearings are smooth ,ideal for commuter, came on a second hand bike but I won’t use them. £14 including postage PayPal gift please
  16. gazza81

    Flat pedals

    I dont want to get clip in pedals just yet, had them before and not for me at the moment. My current pedals are one sided which is annoying. Any recommendations on some flat pedals or are they all the same? I have some on a hybrid that are quite wide, should i use them or are smaller ones better
  17. stelencro

    Shimano SPD M530 pedals

    In good condition. £15 posted
  18. chickendrumsticks

    Road pedals - French thread (14 x 1.25)

    Looking for a pair of road pedals, preferably alloy. e.g. Gipiemme, Ofmega or WHY? Must be French thread for my Ofmega cranks.
  19. T

    Wattbike / WELLGO E148 PEDALS Compatible with SPD SL?

    Are the WELLGO E148 PEDALS Compatible with SPD SL? If not, how do you use SPD SL in conjunction with a Wattbike? Thanks
  20. Distorted Vision

    Recommendations for first SPD Pedals for beginners

    I am looking for SPD pedals for my first road bike. I actually fitted Shimano M324 on my Giant Roam 0 hybrid which are dual sided: flat and SPD but I've yet to try it with cleats. I was wondering what SPD pedals would you recommend for my new road bike? I do not want to get M324 and was...
  21. Distorted Vision

    Problem fitting new pedals

    I fitted new M324 pedals to my Giant Roam 0. The old pedals came off easy enough with a pedal wrench. The new ones fitted first time also without any problems. But I realised I'd forgotten to grease the threads. They both removed again without issue but after I greased with Copaslip they both...
  22. adamangler

    Alternative road pedals or stick to spds?

    Hello I started out using mtb spd pedals on my road bike then a couple of years ago i bought proper road shoes and keo look pedals. I have the keo pedals on my "best bike" and the spds on my winter hack. Even after 2 years i find the road ones much harder to get in and out of, i dont know if...
  23. Sunny Portrush

    Type of pedals

    Following on from my pedal removal thread, it got me thinking about how much difference more expensive would make. I currently have these ( because when I first went down the clipless route, I wouldn`t have mind binning them if I didnt like the...
  24. antnee

    Time epresso 10 pedals

    Hello all just wondered if any of you had experienced the tension slipping on these pedals as I experienced yesterday whilst out as foot kept making the pedal click feeling as though my foot was about to disengage from pedal After I stopped to inspect pedal and increased tension it seemed ok for...
  25. humboldt

    Big, grippy, non-hideous flat pedals

    The stock pedals on my newest bike have been feeling a bit tiny and haven't performed too well in the small amount of water and grime they've encountered in this surprisingly mild autumn. The rubber isn't grippy at all when wet and if I'm wearing a pair of DMs I can barely fit my foot on them...
  26. X

    Boardman Road Team Pedals (Look Keo compatible)

    Used pair of Boardman Road Team clipless pedals, these are compatible with Look Keo cleats. The pedals are made with an aluminium body and Cr-Mo spindle, so the body should last longer than those with a resin/plastic body plate and/or body. Also features a release tension adjuster like those on...
  27. Spiderweb

    NOW SOLD Shimano A530 SPD pedals for sale

    These have been used for no more than 30 miles, they are flat one side and SPD the other, the SPD side has never been used. The pedals are in great condition, just a slight scrape on each edge. These are available for £37.99 from Wiggle (follow link). Asking £20 posted. Payment via PayPal...
  28. nickg

    Pedals and shoes

    I'm about to sign up London to Paris again in 2019. When I done it in 2015 I had a road bike and had clip in pedals and shoes. After this trip I decided I didn't wanna road bike anymore and bought a cyclocross bike as I could then use it for road and for out on the trails with the kids...
  29. Denis99

    Clipless pedals and recumbents

    Still new to the world of recumbents, wish I had taken the step earlier. Have always used clipless pedals from their first introduction on road bikes. Later with the increase in mountain biking I more or less switched to using the more walkable friendly Time ATAC pedals. However, since riding...
  30. minininjarob

    Tiagra Triple front mech

    Shimano FD4503 Tiagra front mech - 31.8mm clamp size. For triple chainset (not sure if it will work on a double, never tried it). Hardly used but in used condition, tight smooth pivots. £5 posted REDUCED More Pics here: All prices include post and...
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