135 OLN front forks

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Just thinking on my way to buy lunch... does anyone know of a (nominally touring) fork which is 135OLN?

It occurred to me that as I'm interested in an Extrawheel trailer http://www.extrawheel.com/index_en.php (not that they do a 135OLN version) that it might be an idea to have 3 identical wheels that could be interchanged in times of trouble (eg freewheel failure etc).

Or is this a solution searching for a problem?!


Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
Normally, its only the rear wheel that gives problems because of the asymmetric nature of the spoke pattern (dishing) to accommodate the freewheel. I'm not sure I would want to duplicate that three times over!

If freewheel reliability is a concern, then I would address that, not use a solution that would potentially increase the likelihood of another type of problem.
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