1993 Marin or not?


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Hi all,
Can anyone tell me is the frame (not forks) a genuine Marin,
It has some Shimano XT and other various parts,
Wheels are Shimano LX/Mavic 231 rims,
The serial number is A50JE0088,
Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.


From a google image search for '1993 marin' it looks like it is likely to be genuine, although the colour scheme is not one that appears in the search.
Looking at the frame features - rear dropouts, rear brake cable bridge, rear rack bosses, rear brake cable run along top tube, etc. - it all seems to match a few of Marin's models for that vintage.



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I had a Marin in the 90s, the rear brake cable braze-ons were just like as were the little cylindrical threaded bits on the seat stays for mounting a rack.
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