1st cyclist death of the year ?


Just over heard this on news
So sad it's only day 3 and someone has died already RIP and thoughts with family and friends.
How many more will it take ?
Could only find this Only found this via DM (sorry)
A cyclist has died after he was hit by a lorry during rush hour on the A40 this morning.

Metropolitan Police were called to Western Avenue in Northolt, North West London, at 6.20am, after reports of a collision between a cyclist and a HGV.
Despite efforts by the emergency services, the cyclist was pronounced dead the scene.
The driver of the lorry stopped at the scene and there have been no arrests.
Investigations continue



Ffs, another year and no lessons learned. Really is beyond belief. RIP


Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next
Very sad. RIP

That looks like an awful road to ride on.
It is. Western Avenue famously was built with cycleways but IIRC some tossers widened the road by removing some of them (not always the same side) and making the remaining one two-way. The stretch where this happened looks to be one of the sections where you'd have to cross back and forth on annoying hairpin bridges or steep underpasses to use it. And it's 1930s spec and not updated so I wouldn't blame anyone for cycling the road instead and because it's 1930s spec, this collision could easily be where the cycleway crosses a side road with poor intervisibility, like where Henry Lang was killed in Richmond in 2014. https://lcc.org.uk/articles/senior-coroner-concludes-henry-langs-death-accidental

Anyway, RIP. :sad:
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