1. tom73

    Injured cyclist 'deliberately' struck in York hit-and-run

    Appeal for information Two cyclists injured one now left with a broken back in what looks to be deliberate attack On Monday 25th May 2020 B122, about a mile south of Naburn marina between 10:30 to 10:50 BST struck by a dark...
  2. Hugh Manatee

    Cyclist Down. RIP

    Very sadly towards the end of my ride yesterday, I saw the Air Ambulance land in a field to attend an accident. I had not long previously noted that the helicopter had been at it's base in Cosford. The narrow lane was blocked completely by a large tractor and trailer. There wasn't anything I...
  3. Sixmile

    Man Shot in Both Legs by Cyclist BBCNI are running a story today about a fella who was shot in the legs up the road from me. The fact that they have classified the perpetrator as a cyclist seems a little odd to me. If the aggressor jumped out of a car would the victim...
  4. snorri

    I'm not a cyclist, I'm just riding a bike

    Importing utility cycling to Canada from The Netherlands. View: No video,just audio.
  5. tom73

    15 year old Cyclist down

    Words fail me How can someone knock down and kill a 15 year old and then drive off as if nothing has happened. The poor family RIP lad...
  6. davidphilips

    Wonder if this cyclist should take up another hobbie/sport

  7. Cycleops

    Things you should never say to a cyclist.

    Prompted by an article I was reading on Google. Here are a couple to start you off: Is all that lycra really necessary? I could buy a car for the price of that. Perhaps you could give some personal examples. Some smart responses might be interesting too.
  8. swee'pea99

    Saw a cyclist getting ticketed by the police

    I think the Met at least have been given new instructions to enforce restrictions more strictly. On my usual trip to walk the hound I saw three separate incidents of people pulled over and being given tickets, one of them being a cyclist in full lycra. The caveat of course is that I didn't...
  9. Rooster1

    Ouch - Head on with another cyclist - Black eye

    I have a lovely shiner today. On my commute home from Reading yesterday, I was passing under a bridge on a cycle towpath, I was on the left hand side and another cyclist came hurtling around the corner and smacked into me on my side of the underpass. The other cylist apologised and said sorry...
  10. dhd.evans

    Cyclist down - Dundee (not me) 15 years old. The area and age of the rider suggests to me that it may have been a youth on a bike, more than...
  11. Pale Rider

    I am not a cyclist, I am an ad man

    A witty and insightful remark from pro rider Thomas De Gendt about the role of a professional rider in the modern media and marketing obsessed world. Could apply to some other professional sports as well. View:
  12. Racing roadkill

    Teenage cyclist deliberately knocked off bike This happened not far from where I live. From the description, it sounds like the driver could be one of the Sikh community, who have a large representation in that town. If it is, they will almost...
  13. Racing roadkill

    Cyclist down on Hamble Lane near Southampton. Another nasty sounding one, on this nightmare road.
  14. Steady

    Cyclist Down: Derby A52 Ashbourne Road This one has hit me pretty hard, I didn’t know the female cyclist, but I was aware of her through Strava as being a...
  15. potsy

    I was hit from behind by a cyclist today

    On a shared use path, didn't even know he was behind me. As he attempted to pass he lost control and hit me on the back of my leg... Pics of my injuries to follow :B)
  16. tom73

    1st cyclist death of the year ?

    Just over heard this on news So sad it's only day 3 and someone has died already RIP and thoughts with family and friends. How many more will it take ? Could only find this Only found this via DM (sorry) A cyclist has died after he was hit by a lorry during rush hour on the A40 this morning...
  17. tom73

    Another cyclist death

    15-year-old girl was pronounced dead at the scene and a boy, 14, was taken to hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries. Lincolnshire police appeal for information. RIP and hope the lad recovers soon.
  18. AndyCh

    Cyclist Down - Quietway 1 in London

    Helped a cyclist this morning who had been knocked off along Q1 route by an Uber driver who failed to stop at a give way and ploughed in to the cyclist who had right of way. Poor lad had a pretty heavy fall, hit the side of his head/face, ribs, elbow and leg as he went down and looked a bit...
  19. ozboz

    Today , by chance, I met a a Pro Cyclis

    A first for me , a very nice young Man named Alex Richardson , I was in one of the caf’s In Richmond Park and he parked his bike and came in with his young Son and sat at my table, I was interested in the group set on bike and started to chat about it , some other cyclists came over and started...
  20. tom73

    Lorry with build in table kills cyclist. You can’t make this stuff up... Admits it was not good idea but clueless as to why he killed the cyclist mind boggles:wacko:
  21. M

    Just a cyclist to them

    This person doesn’t care, it is just another annoying cyclist to them. Hate this sort of attitude (but also, for the record, don’t condone poor cycling behaviour either). Devon cyclist in road crash 48 hours after GB bronze medal win
  22. Trickedem

    England : London 27 October. The Adventures of the Solitary Cyclist - a tribute to Sherlock Holmes.

    A trip around London with a Sherlock Holmes theme. Please feel free to ride a Victorian bike and wear tweed and a deerstalker hat. The route will be around 20 miles and will finish at around 1 to 1.30pm. Meet at Hyde Park Corner (by the Royal Artillery Memorial) at 9.30am, leaving as soon as...
  23. Drago

    Daily Mail in positive publicity for a cyclist shocker!

    Who is this crime busting hero? One of our brethren?
  24. Chris S

    Cyclist Gets Knocked Down & Run Over By A Car

    I thought this was a fake video (it seemed odd that somebody was filming at precisely the right time and place) but West Midlands Police are now appealing for information. A cyclist is hit by a car that is turning right. The driver then continues and runs over the cyclist, only stopping when...
  25. Cycleops

    Close roads for kids says cyclist.

    Jason Kenny says roads should be closed do children can play outside. "I really believe in this," he tells BBC News. "I grew up in the countryside, I had complete freedom, especially on my bicycle." Good idea?
  26. Cycleops

    Cyclist headbutts pedestrian.

    A truly shocking scene in london when a cyclist clipped a pedestrian who was crossing the road and then attacks him leaving him badly injured; View: Police are trying to trace the attacker.
  27. Z

    New to the forum / quirky gift maker

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, I like cyclocross, road cycling, swimming, going to the gym and metalworking. I like repairing old bikes and I've started making quirky gifts from broken bike parts. I am thinking of making some tea light holders as xmas stocking filler gifts.
  28. RegG

    SOLD 41 "Cyclist" Magazines - £10

    This is a job lot of 41 'Cyclist' magazines. They are from issue 41-50 (November 2015-Summer 2016) inclusive; issue 52 (September 2016); and issue 61-82 (June 2017-August 2019) inclusive. Plus the first issue of "Cyclist Off-Road" magazine All but 2 of the magazines are the 'Collectors...
  29. KneesUp

    Aerodynamics and the everyday cyclist

    I set off for work today and remembered quite early on that I'd left my asthma inhaler on the shelf in the kitchen. This is not normally a problem because I don't normally need it, but today I was running very slightly late (because 4 weeks in, I still haven't got the hang of 'school holiday'...
  30. Cycleops

    Wheelie cyclist in incident with car.

    Who's at fault here? Nearly everyone has condemned the boy on the BMX but cyclist Jeremy Vine had waded into the debate saying: What do you think?
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