1. S

    Stopping and helping a fellow cyclist.

    On the way home from a late shift in an unlit rural part of the commute, I came across a cyclist who'd come off his bike and the chain had jammed 'twixt the inner chainwheel and the bottom bracket. He was having major issues trying to free it so I gave a hand. Interesting that he was thoroughly...
  2. R

    Appeal for Cyclist ID following close pass, Ullapool

    From FB: Ullapool - Witness Appeal Around 340pm on Saturday the 5th of June 2021 a large motor vehicle towing a trailer conducted a dangerous overtake of a cyclist who was travelling west along the A835 near Ullapool. This overtake caused Eastbound traffic to take evasive action and could...
  3. Arjimlad

    Cyclist deliberately knocked off - driver banned for 6 months

    I thought this was interesting. The cyclist's mercy to the driver is admirable given the deliberate assault. The driver was lucky the cyclist was not badly injured and also lucky that the charges of making off from the scene of the accident & failing to report it were dropped as well. It was a...
  4. Darius_Jedburgh

    What happens when a cyclist breaks the speed limit?

    Near here there is a long steep hill with a speed camera at the bottom. This is just after a bend where 30mph begins. Motorists are regularly caught, but cyclists have no trouble going past at over 30mph. ACPO are supposed to adhere to the 10% plus 2mph rule, but there are so many bent...
  5. Pale Rider

    Cyclist killed on dual carriageway

    A cyclist has been killed after he was apparently hit by a car on the A19 in Sunderland. The pic on the BBC website has simply been ripped from Google Maps, but I believe it shows the exact site. Cyclists don't routinely use that stretch of the A19, and cycling is formally banned on it closer...
  6. glasgowcyclist

    Injured cyclist in Harborne - police appeal to identify him, can you help?

    Birmingham police say: " Can you help us identify this man who has been seriously injured when he came off his bicycle in Harborne yesterday morning? The man in his 70s, who we believe had a medical episode, suffered a head injury when he collapsed in Station Road at about 10.25am. He's...
  7. yello

    Call yourself a cyclist?

    I didn't know until quite recently that there was such a thing as a gravel bike. Admittedly, I don't read cycle mags/press these days so I'm undoubtedly out of touch. They look/seem quite cool really but I won't be buying one (not even as an N+1) as my rare hankering for off-road is adequately...
  8. glasgowcyclist

    Another cyclist left for dead by a hit & run driver (in Blantyre)

    Scots cyclist rushed to hospital with spinal fractures after hit-and-run driver 'left him for dead' - Daily Record " NHS worker Mark Richards was cycling on Glasgow Road around 11.30am on Saturday when he was hit by the vehicle, believed to be a dark coloured Vauxhall Insignia. His wife Carol...
  9. Cycleops

    Cyclist gets caught with 'help up hills' motor.

    You've got to laugh. He claimed the motor was just a small one to help him up hills' but the judge didn't see the funny side: DM call it 'powered by a petrol tank'...
  10. Cycleops

    Cyclist buys his bike back after no help from Police

    Albeit just the frame stripped of wheels and all else:
  11. PeteXXX

    Daisy, the Pint Sized Cyclist

    Daisy, The Pint Sized Cyclist.. Not bad at 3 years old!! I won't link it, but she has plenty of vids on FB and Instagram. Peter Sagan has seen her riding and sent her pressies!
  12. Cycleops

    Close pass cyclist wrongly advised by Police.

    A cyclist who's video of a close pass submitted to police was advised they couldn't prosecute due to him swearing on the video. This turned out to be entirely wrong:
  13. Cycleops

    Another cyclist killed by motorist on the phone.

    A woman who was chatting with her sister on WhatsApp has been jailed for 30 months for killing a 80 year old cyclist. Not nearly long enough.
  14. monkers

    A sad day yesterday ... another cyclist killed on our roads

    Tragedy struck yesterday as cyclist Helen Renton was killed in a collision with a car. Helen leaves 3 children. There are ongoing campaigns for road safety, and the government claim to favour cycling. Why the lack of progress? What do we need to do to force change?
  15. Ste T.

    "Driver calls 999 to report a cyclist for refusing to leap out of her way"

    View: "Driver calls 999 to report a cyclist for refusing to leap out of her way" The pejorative "Karen" is over used, but in this woman's case ......
  16. Rooster1

    When I find out a cyclist has died in my area

    Hello Sadly I found out a rider died near where I live, on a route I regularly ride. And on the route I take to work, another rider died recently. I find it very sobering and off-putting, and obviously tragic. What do we do in these situations, how do we simply ride on. Sorry. I'm really...
  17. Smokin Joe

    "Words of Advice" For Cyclist

    I've drafted slow moving vehicles, but never been tempted to hang on to one -
  18. P

    Red light jumping cyclist prosecuted for manslaughter

    A cyclist killed a 73-year-old pedestrian after riding through a red light, leaving him "bleeding" in the road, a court has heard. Ermir Loka, of Manor Road, Leyton, east London, is accused of the manslaughter of Peter McCombie, who was struck on Bow Road, Tower Hamlets on 3 July. Mr McCombie...
  19. D

    Cyclist on M62

    Caught a glimpse on the local BBC news of a bloke riding his bike along the hard shoulder of the M62, looks like it was near Outlane near Huddersfield, he didn’t seem fazed when the sign at the side of the motorway was illuminated to say Warning-Report of cyclist, as he was riding towards it...
  20. G

    Cyclist injured in Richmond Park

    The cyclist's injuries are said to be not life threatening which is good news and a bit of a miracle when you see the car. The damage is presumably from hitting the fence and bouncing around on the rough ground and maybe gravity gave it an extra push but that car looks quite thoroughly wrecked...
  21. S

    Another 'must have' gizmo for the dedicated cyclist - ?

    SKS have introduced the Airspy, a device that goes onto the tyre valves to monitor the pressures and let the rider know by bluetooth to their phone or Garmin that said pressures are dropping lower that those set whilst theyre out riding. Bearing in mind that few, if any hand pumps have anything...
  22. pawl

    Cyclist down Desford

    A female cyclist has been rushed to hospital with life threatening injuries following being hit by a van The 46 year old driver has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and driving while unfit through drugs. mods Not sure if there already a thread for cyclist down.
  23. Brandane

    Amazing stunt cyclist!

    Video is 6 minutes long. Apologies if it has been posted before.
  24. ren531

    A massive "well done" to all comuter cyclist

    Any cyclist who commuted all through January, have a big "well done" from me, i thought I would congratulate us because nobody else will, because nobody else knows how tough January can be, we've put up with ice, snow wind rain and temperatures hovering around just above and below zero, which is...
  25. Dave7

    3 years ? ago. Scotland. Cyclist went missing. Anyone familiar with this ?

    3 years(ish) ago a cyclist on a group ride in Scotland went missing.he was aged 70ish. I have just had a phone call to tell me his body has been found. He had been murdered and buried. 2 men in their 20s have been arrested. So........does anyone remember this. Just to explain....... I was a...
  26. Cycleops

    Saying your a cyclist increases your chance of a job.

    A new study from GolfSupport(link is external) found that mentioning that you play a sport on your CV increases your employability by 39% and that 68% of successful candidates at the 200 companies surveyed said they played a sport. 12% of recent hires mentioned that they were cyclists, making it...
  27. A

    Idiot Belgian cyclist

    I don't know if anyone else saw this story, but crikey, what an unpleasant, impatient, idiot of a bloke. Totally unnecessary. Cycles very...
  28. DCLane

    Unknown cyclist down in Boston, Lincs 31 Dec - anyone in the area?

    Police are trying to identify this man, believed to be Romanian, and his next of kin:
  29. tom73

    Cyclist Christmas Gift Flowchart

  30. matticus

    Cyclist wins brain damage damages from dog-walker (It's been many days since the last dog-walkers vs cyclist rant thread, so here's a starter for discussion.)
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