1. potsy

    I was hit from behind by a cyclist today

    On a shared use path, didn't even know he was behind me. As he attempted to pass he lost control and hit me on the back of my leg... Pics of my injuries to follow :B)
  2. tom73

    1st cyclist death of the year ?

    Just over heard this on news So sad it's only day 3 and someone has died already RIP and thoughts with family and friends. How many more will it take ? Could only find this Only found this via DM (sorry) A cyclist has died after he was hit by a lorry during rush hour on the A40 this morning...
  3. tom73

    Another cyclist death

    15-year-old girl was pronounced dead at the scene and a boy, 14, was taken to hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries. Lincolnshire police appeal for information. RIP and hope the lad recovers soon.
  4. AndyCh

    Cyclist Down - Quietway 1 in London

    Helped a cyclist this morning who had been knocked off along Q1 route by an Uber driver who failed to stop at a give way and ploughed in to the cyclist who had right of way. Poor lad had a pretty heavy fall, hit the side of his head/face, ribs, elbow and leg as he went down and looked a bit...
  5. ozboz

    Today , by chance, I met a a Pro Cyclis

    A first for me , a very nice young Man named Alex Richardson , I was in one of the caf’s In Richmond Park and he parked his bike and came in with his young Son and sat at my table, I was interested in the group set on bike and started to chat about it , some other cyclists came over and started...
  6. tom73

    Lorry with build in table kills cyclist. You can’t make this stuff up... Admits it was not good idea but clueless as to why he killed the cyclist mind boggles:wacko:
  7. M

    Just a cyclist to them

    This person doesn’t care, it is just another annoying cyclist to them. Hate this sort of attitude (but also, for the record, don’t condone poor cycling behaviour either). Devon cyclist in road crash 48 hours after GB bronze medal win
  8. Trickedem

    England : London 27 October. The Adventures of the Solitary Cyclist - a tribute to Sherlock Holmes.

    A trip around London with a Sherlock Holmes theme. Please feel free to ride a Victorian bike and wear tweed and a deerstalker hat. The route will be around 20 miles and will finish at around 1 to 1.30pm. Meet at Hyde Park Corner (by the Royal Artillery Memorial) at 9.30am, leaving as soon as...
  9. Drago

    Daily Mail in positive publicity for a cyclist shocker!

    Who is this crime busting hero? One of our brethren?
  10. Chris S

    Cyclist Gets Knocked Down & Run Over By A Car

    I thought this was a fake video (it seemed odd that somebody was filming at precisely the right time and place) but West Midlands Police are now appealing for information. A cyclist is hit by a car that is turning right. The driver then continues and runs over the cyclist, only stopping when...
  11. Cycleops

    Close roads for kids says cyclist.

    Jason Kenny says roads should be closed do children can play outside. "I really believe in this," he tells BBC News. "I grew up in the countryside, I had complete freedom, especially on my bicycle." Good idea?
  12. Cycleops

    Cyclist headbutts pedestrian.

    A truly shocking scene in london when a cyclist clipped a pedestrian who was crossing the road and then attacks him leaving him badly injured; View: Police are trying to trace the attacker.
  13. Z

    New to the forum / quirky gift maker

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, I like cyclocross, road cycling, swimming, going to the gym and metalworking. I like repairing old bikes and I've started making quirky gifts from broken bike parts. I am thinking of making some tea light holders as xmas stocking filler gifts.
  14. RegG

    SOLD 41 "Cyclist" Magazines - £10

    This is a job lot of 41 'Cyclist' magazines. They are from issue 41-50 (November 2015-Summer 2016) inclusive; issue 52 (September 2016); and issue 61-82 (June 2017-August 2019) inclusive. Plus the first issue of "Cyclist Off-Road" magazine All but 2 of the magazines are the 'Collectors...
  15. KneesUp

    Aerodynamics and the everyday cyclist

    I set off for work today and remembered quite early on that I'd left my asthma inhaler on the shelf in the kitchen. This is not normally a problem because I don't normally need it, but today I was running very slightly late (because 4 weeks in, I still haven't got the hang of 'school holiday'...
  16. Cycleops

    Wheelie cyclist in incident with car.

    Who's at fault here? Nearly everyone has condemned the boy on the BMX but cyclist Jeremy Vine had waded into the debate saying: What do you think?
  17. Slick

    Another cyclist down near Fort William.

    Just seems to go on. I know it sounds bitter, but is it really relevant that the trucker was unhurt?
  18. classic33

    Lorry driver 'oblivious' when he hit cyclist in Hessle Road, On trial

    Lorry driver Peter Sanderson, 62, of Bodmin Road, Bransholme, is on trial at Hull Crown Court and denies causing death by careless driving. A cyclist's last moments were captured on his own GoPro camera as he was hit and killed by a lorry while riding in a cycle lane, a court has heard. Craig...
  19. Slick

    Family of Fife Cyclist Appeal to Driver.

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but I've missed it if it has. The family appeal directly to the driver to search their conscience.
  20. DCBassman

    Cyclist down, A35

    Hear about this on Thursday but couldn't find out about it until now. Still no more details than this. RIP. 11:25 4 Jul Cyclist dies after crash involving van on A35 Hayley Westcott BBC News Online A cyclist has died after a crash involving a van on the A35, police have said. Emergency...
  21. T675Rich

    Pedestrian looking at phone hit by cyclist gets compensation

    Apologies if this has been posted or this is the wrong place, also the source but I couldn't see it covered elsewhere. A pedestrian who stepped out into the road while looking at their phone has been awarded compensation from a cyclist who hit her...
  22. rugby bloke

    Cyclist down in my village (Cogenhoe)

    A bit of a mystery this one. A cyclist sustained serious head injuries after falling from his bike around 11.30am on Sunday June 2. The man was taken to Coventry University Hospital by Air Ambulance. A grey Toyota Corolla car was seen travelling in the opposite direction at the time of the...
  23. L

    Cyclist Down Bricklayers Arms Roundabout Today

    Passed at 0445 on way to Elephant from Tower Bridge.Three cars had stopped.People from cars milling round and cyclist looked in bad way...Car drivers rubbernecking. Folding bike coming from Old Kent road direction where the lights are...towards Elephant. I hope he is alright but it did not...
  24. I

    As a 22mph average cyclist just commuting with very little effort, I admit..

    These forums are trash for me. All of you are literally shoot compared to me.
  25. U

    Cyclist holding onto car....

    Saw red and wanted to confront the driver I guess but could have ended much worse. Did the judge get this right?
  26. RegG

    "Cyclist" Magazines for sale, 33 in total, £25

    This is a job lot of 33 'Cyclist' magazines for the cycling enthusiast. They are from issue 41-50 (November 2015-Summer 2016) inclusive; issue 52 (September 2016); and issue 61-82 (June 2017-January 2019) inclusive. All but 2 of the magazines are the 'Collectors Edition' with exclusive front...
  27. Globalti

    The Spring Cyclist

    This is quite good. Which cyclist are you? View:
  28. grellboy

    Cyclist on Cyclist aggro.

    Anyone see this? Nothing like a bit of solidarity. BBC News - CCTV shows Hackney cyclist kicked into car
  29. Slick

    Another cyclist down in Edinburgh.

    Anyone heard any more?
  30. I like Skol

    Which 3rd party liability cyclist insurance?

    Cycling liability insurance. This is something I have been thinking about having for years really but have never been 100% convinced about the need for it, given that cycling is really only an extension of walking or running as a means of leg powered transportation and I certainly wouldn't...
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