1. G

    Cyclist injured in Richmond Park

    The cyclist's injuries are said to be not life threatening which is good news and a bit of a miracle when you see the car. The damage is presumably from hitting the fence and bouncing around on the rough ground and maybe gravity gave it an extra push but that car looks quite thoroughly wrecked...
  2. S

    Another 'must have' gizmo for the dedicated cyclist - ?

    SKS have introduced the Airspy, a device that goes onto the tyre valves to monitor the pressures and let the rider know by bluetooth to their phone or Garmin that said pressures are dropping lower that those set whilst theyre out riding. Bearing in mind that few, if any hand pumps have anything...
  3. pawl

    Cyclist down Desford

    A female cyclist has been rushed to hospital with life threatening injuries following being hit by a van The 46 year old driver has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and driving while unfit through drugs. mods Not sure if there already a thread for cyclist down.
  4. Brandane

    Amazing stunt cyclist!

    Video is 6 minutes long. Apologies if it has been posted before.
  5. ren531

    A massive "well done" to all comuter cyclist

    Any cyclist who commuted all through January, have a big "well done" from me, i thought I would congratulate us because nobody else will, because nobody else knows how tough January can be, we've put up with ice, snow wind rain and temperatures hovering around just above and below zero, which is...
  6. Dave7

    3 years ? ago. Scotland. Cyclist went missing. Anyone familiar with this ?

    3 years(ish) ago a cyclist on a group ride in Scotland went missing.he was aged 70ish. I have just had a phone call to tell me his body has been found. He had been murdered and buried. 2 men in their 20s have been arrested. So........does anyone remember this. Just to explain....... I was a...
  7. Cycleops

    Saying your a cyclist increases your chance of a job.

    A new study from GolfSupport(link is external) found that mentioning that you play a sport on your CV increases your employability by 39% and that 68% of successful candidates at the 200 companies surveyed said they played a sport. 12% of recent hires mentioned that they were cyclists, making it...
  8. A

    Idiot Belgian cyclist

    I don't know if anyone else saw this story, but crikey, what an unpleasant, impatient, idiot of a bloke. Totally unnecessary. Cycles very...
  9. DCLane

    Unknown cyclist down in Boston, Lincs 31 Dec - anyone in the area?

    Police are trying to identify this man, believed to be Romanian, and his next of kin:
  10. tom73

    Cyclist Christmas Gift Flowchart

  11. M

    Cyclist wins brain damage damages from dog-walker (It's been many days since the last dog-walkers vs cyclist rant thread, so here's a starter for discussion.)
  12. L

    When you see another cyclist, do you try and catch up to him or her?

    I’ve noticed quite a few guys be quite a bit behind me and then a short time later pass me quickly. From my observations, they have always been younger guys. Has anyone else experienced this situation?
  13. Ajax Bay

    Hope for immunity for the 'more senior' cyclist

    "How exercise in old age prevents the immune system from declining" (BBC)
  14. Zipp2001

    Why did the cyclist cross the road ?

    It's half day Friday so time to spend almost 4 hours playing in the woods. Today it was time to go beyond The Darkside and do a lot of climbing. Much to my surprise the horses have even gone beyond The Darkside. Looks like I just can't get far enough away from them, and will soon be dodging...
  15. Mr Celine

    Cyclist down Dumfriesshire

    Cyclist killed in an apparent hit and run near Southerness. :sad:
  16. wafter

    Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist

    Watched this last night on Youtube: I'm not usually bothered by pro-cycling and knew little of this guy other than having heard his name mentioned a few times. I found this a really interesting, well-produced and poignant documentary about his rise and fall in professional cycling; which...
  17. Blue Hills

    Cyclist down lewisham My neck of the woods. I often choose to avoid the south circular because of the hgv traffic.
  18. Cycleops

    Cyclist abuses woman after he rode two abreast.

    After a cyclist rode two abreast he followed the woman motorist and shouted abuse after she hooted at him:
  19. Blue Hills

    Cyclist wanted

    Or "person on bike" if anyone wants a needless debate. BBC News - CCTV released of cyclist wanted over Bow crash death Any clues,you know where to go/who to tell.
  20. D

    Suicidal Cyclist spotted today

    As per the title, death wish cyclist out for his daily exercise, only problem was he was riding on the hard shoulder of the A1(M) just south of Birtley, heading north, at least he was wearing a helmet :wacko:
  21. Dwn

    Single chainring bike for new-ish cyclist

    Over the course of the lockdown my wife has been cycling most days, having previously been a very infrequent cyclist. She has been using a Pinnacle hybrid (Sora groupset) and is quite happy with that. However she is now keen on acquiring a drop bar bike for occasional days out when it's dry...
  22. Brandane

    Cyclist hit by Range Rover doing blind overtake.

    BBC report. Incident happened on A81 near Balfron in Stirlingshire. Some utter lowlife in a Range Rover overtaking on a blind bend hit a cyclist and didn't bother stopping. Why is it that these clowns never seem to have head on collisions with a fully laden artic coming in the opposite...
  23. flake99please

    Cyclist down... Edinburgh

    36 year old male in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary with 'life threatening' injuries. I pass this junction to/from work each day, and wondered why the road was closed around midday on my way home. Hopefully a full & speedy recovery awaits the rider...
  24. taximan

    Relaxed Riding position ?

    At Robin Hoods Bay
  25. Ludacris

    Lucky escape for this cyclist

  26. derrick

    More idiot cyclists than idiot car drivers.

    Did a 40 mile ride today, a recovery ride after an 80 miler yesterday, riding down a narrow country lane, then idiots on bikes riding two abreast come round a blind bend straight into my path, managed to swerve to miss him, Then a while later another one, the next one was the worst an idiot...
  27. Racing roadkill

    Another cyclist down in Southampton. This was a collision between a cyclist and a lorry.
  28. tom73

    Injured cyclist 'deliberately' struck in York hit-and-run

    Appeal for information Two cyclists injured one now left with a broken back in what looks to be deliberate attack On Monday 25th May 2020 B122, about a mile south of Naburn marina between 10:30 to 10:50 BST struck by a dark...
  29. Hugh Manatee

    Cyclist Down. RIP

    Very sadly towards the end of my ride yesterday, I saw the Air Ambulance land in a field to attend an accident. I had not long previously noted that the helicopter had been at it's base in Cosford. The narrow lane was blocked completely by a large tractor and trailer. There wasn't anything I...
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