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'I was trying to push it to get it to go faster!'
That'd be my excuse if I was silly enough to get caught doing that..


As a boy, me and my friends sat at the top of a hill and wait for the tractor hauling silage to emerge from the farm. The game was to catch it and hold on to get a free ride for a bit. One guy was very lucky as he tried to over take it on the inside and ended up in the verge doing over 30mph. At the time, it was the funniest sight ever but thinking back now, how lucky was he not to end up under that trailer. :unsure:

There was also another incident as I tried to repeat my success on a message bike, but that certainly didn't end well. :eek:


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This is a tragic accident. The cyclist had been vaccuming naked when he fell down the stairs and a part of his body got stuck in a small hole in the rear of the trailer. The trailer then started to drive off, and the chap had no choice but to grab his bicycle and his lycra as it sped away.

Nothing more than a normal, every day accident of the sort that regularly happens to @Accy cyclist


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Many years ago, my uncle held on to the back of a Ford Thames lorry while cycling. As the back wheels of the lorry went up over the high point of a hump-backed bridge, the bike run forward and the handlebars went underneath the bed of the lorry without my uncle realising.

As the wheels of the lorry dropped again the lorry body came down and squeezed the North Roads bars downward turning them into some sort of aero bar in the process.

Thankfully my uncle didn't have his hands on the bars when it happened:ohmy:

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I remember driving to work years ago and passed the LBS owner drafting a double decker bus doing almost 50 on the flat...

He was on a bypass so no stops or junctions but even so...

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I drafted a milk float on the A259 between Hastings and Bexhill on a very foggy day. It seemed to be the safest place.
Yiu must have been terrified at 15 mph
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