Another 'must have' gizmo for the dedicated cyclist - ?


SKS have introduced the Airspy, a device that goes onto the tyre valves to monitor the pressures and let the rider know by bluetooth to their phone or Garmin that said pressures are dropping lower that those set whilst theyre out riding. Bearing in mind that few, if any hand pumps have anything like an accurate pressure gauge, will the rider then know if they have improved the pressure to those fine tolerances whilst out on a ride - ?
But then, a snip at £109.99 each - ! :eek:


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I can usually tell the tyre pressure is changing by it going bouncy or a loud pop / hiss :whistle:


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I can't tell the difference between the 90psi I prefer to run at and 75psi when I start to get pinch flats.

So I use the pressure gauge on the pump. I mean it's right there by the bike, free, and takes a half second to put on and uses no batteries. I pump the tires up once a week or so which is how long it takes them to lose about 10psi.

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There’s a range between too hard and too soft where the comfort is just fine and speed and steering just fine. The wider the tyre the wider the range. My tyres often go a while between pumps. They just need to sit in that sweet spot which is not a single pressure.

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I've often wondered how much pressure is lost in that little hiss when you remove the pump.

I suspect it varies from very little in my capacious 700x35c tyres to a bit more in my other bikes skinny 700x23c tyres.
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