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I only gone and got one!!! got my grade for uni today and i cant stop grinning, i had to tell more people lol! cant believe how happy i am, on a par with passing my driving test! a year of working my arse off has paid off!

Now i can just cycle and fish lol!


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Well done and congratulations Sambu.

What degree are you doing and where?

Enjoy your riding :laugh:


How much does it cost to Oldham?
Bloody hell a Geoff! Nice one well done,

Is it media studies?


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Excellent result!

You will find a 1st class honours degree puts you at a significant advantage when applying for further degrees :smile:

I'm hoping I can do the same as you; I've done two years and got two to go and so far I am on course for a 1st.


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Well done that is really cool. Best put some time in revising for my exams, instead of playing on the net. :smile:

I need to up the game a bit next year if I wont a 1st.

Congrats again.


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congrats ;)

Im hoping for the same, but we shall see...

Further education or not? That seems to be the route most people who achieve such classifications take from what ive seen of late.
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