20-40 fit male wanted

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Aint Skeered

New Member
Just got an email from ITV about a new Prime Time Dating Show.
They are looking for male contestants:-
Hi there, please excuse the out of the blue contact but I was wondering if you could help me.

I work for ITV television and we’re currently in the process of making a new exciting dating show for primetime ITV1.

Background info for you:

We need to find single, athletic and fit men aged 20 – 40 who are up for a challenge, are passionate about being active, sporty and clean living and who are interested in trying something completely different and also showing an attractive single woman how they live their lives.

He would get to spend 2 days with an attractive single girl who has a completely different lifestyle to them – different lifestyle choices/ different walk of life or different background, then she would spend 2 days with him, where we would help organise all the dates and activities he would choose to do that typifies how the lives his life. The idea is to experience a different way of living and then see if romance blooms!

It’ll be loads of fun and we want to find these focused, fit people asap (hopefully be talking to applicants from today and looking to find him by middle of next week).

I’ve also attached a flyer. If you wouldn’t mind forwarding this email onto your members or anyone else who you think might be keen I’d be most grateful. I hope we find a single man for the programme through you and the members of your club!

If you could get anyone that’s interested to contact either me or my colleague below:

Contact info:


020 7633 2501

Thanks again and don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any queries or know anyone personally who might like to take part.

Best wishes,

Ollie Durrant

| Dating The Enemy | ITV Productions

Ground Floor, 17 Hatfields, London SE1 8DJ

Forget it Patrick


Ha Ha!

No way.
Spend two days smoking and eating kebabs with Jade Goodey.
Spend two days taking Jade Goodey cycling (which presumably involves waiting impatiently for her while she complains ?)
= True Love

Hmmm, no.
but like they used to say on 'The Tube', "People will do anything to get on television"


Master of the Inane Comment
Yorkshireman said:
Yet more (so called) reality crap. Ego-centric narcisistic cynosures posturing and posing for a voyeristic audience of no-lifes ;).

That's about as good a description as you will ever get! :ohmy:

Big Bren

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like they used to say on 'The Tube', "People will do anything to get on television"

Showing your age - they actually said that on 'The Word', which was probably one of the earliest examples of the type of TV that Yorkshireman has so eloquently summed up.



Aint Skeered said:
...single, athletic and fit men aged 20 – 40...
Well, I guess that rules me out on every count :ohmy: ... Pity, I'll just have to keep on trying my luck with those "pretty 25yo girls sitting in a lonely cafe in Moscow" who keep on sending me E-mails...;)
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