2012 Pearson Cycles Range

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by gaz, 11 Aug 2012.

  1. gaz

    gaz Cycle Camera TV

    South Croydon
    Popped down to Pearson Cycles in Sutton this morning to drop my bike off for some upgrades to be fitted.
    Noticed that had some new frames in stock and changed a few of the names.

    Looked on the website and they have updated pretty much everything. All the frames are stunning, some cracking names and i'm loving the decals. http://www.pearsoncycles.co.uk/store/category/3/136/Pearson-Range/Pearson-2012/

    I especially like the Hammer and Tongs frame

    It makes me want to sell all my bikes and buy the latest ones :hyper:
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  2. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    They are really nice, but I have to say I prefer the more colourful Pave vs the imnotanumber replacement - I am a sucker for red

  3. subaqua

    subaqua What’s the point

    gaz, you are a very naughty boy. I had just started on the road to not thinking about N+1 and i am now back to sq 1
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