2014 carrera vanquish

Andy clarke

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this is a bike I have been given by work, I've had to sell my other bikes due to fiances sadly!! So it has alloy forks which I'd like too try and up grade to carbon I've changed the front brake to a shimano 105 hopefully this will help me stop !! I'm also hoping to put a carbon seat post on can anyone help with a set of forks that will fit and will a carbon seat post really make it ride nicer ?


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If you have sold your other bikes due to finances then is it wise to start spending money on it ?.If you can afford it then ok but dont get into difficulty .
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A carbon fork will do nothing for you. There is no perceptible difference in ride between the two. Ditto for seatpost. Save your money and stop reading bike magazines or what other cyclist sell you as gospel.

A word on alloy. Alloy is a metal made of from two or more different metals. Iron, copper, aluminium, titanium, zinc, tin lead....you name it, are all alloyed for various reasons. A steel alloy is a good choice of fork steerer whereas aluminium alloy is the worse material in that application from them all.


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I stand corrected, Before I bought my TDF earlier this year I was looking at the vanquish and it had a carbon fork on the one on show in the shop, although I remember the TDF in the shop had several difference to the one I got, so I'm not surprised to hear some had alloy forks instead of carbon.
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