2018 Giant Defy Advanced - RATTLES


I was right about that saddle

I have a very annoying rattle/noise on my Giant Defy Advanced when at speed on slightly rough tarmac and I just cannot find it.

I know posting such matters on a forum is probably pointless but maybe someone else has had the same issue.

I have checked every major component to see if it is loose
1. Handlebar furtniture, brifters, cabling
2. Front and Rear discs
3. Wheels and Axles (and inner tube nut) inc spokes.
4. Front and rear derailleur
5. Water bottle carriers, bike pump (removed before a test)
6. Pedals
7. Bottom Bracket

I can only hear the noise (which is quite loud) at speed on rougher road surfaces when there is vibration.

It is impossible to isolate the noise. I have tried shaking the bike and bouncing it when static.

This really just leaves the Front Stem (or components within) or the Seat Post clamp (or components within).
It does have some internal cable routing.

It's driving me insane.


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I suspect the cables in the frame if you've checked everything else
Can't offer a solution might be worth talking to Lbs about a solution


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I have a similar noise over rough ground and it's coming from my brifters, check by pushing the lever up into its housing to see if it stops. Otherwise internal cables could be the cause.


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Have you checked that the cassette lock ring is done up tightly? I've had this a couple of times (the latest being yesterday!) and it matches the symptons you describe.


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It’s probably going to disintegrate spectacularly whilst being ridden, send it to me for safe disposal, :okay:....serious head on, it’ll probably be the internally routed cables.


I was right about that saddle
FIXED!!!! It wasn't the cabling, even though a bung had fallen out and the cables were loose. It was the casette - it needed a slight tighten. I discovered this after bouncing the wheel on the ground! I was quite surprised that a tiny amount of play could make so much noise. My bike is now silent, aside from my groaning.
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