25 Stone Monster seeks bike


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I'm looking for a bike, will a carrera from halfords be alright for my 25 stone weight(158kg)... If yes, which carerra would you recommend... Like the fact you can pay by monthly installment

I also like the looks of the big bear plus by woosh but I fear I'm gonna break it then 1200 down drain....woosh big bear limit is 25 stones so I'm right there at the limit...

Might be best getting a normal bike first before ebike to shed a few rolls...



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You’ll be fine with a Carrera Subway, just don’t go crashing over potholes and up and down kerbs. The wheels are the bit most sensitive to rider weight.
Use cycling and careful eating to lose some weight and gain fitness and then you can treat yourself to something more fancy down the line if you want (doesn’t need to be an e bike) :okay:


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I think you should loose weight first. Surely you would be at risk of a heart attack?
How about an exercise bike to start you off on a new fitness regime. When I was ill and my knee became wrecked I could not put enough weight on to the pedal to start off, so I bought a good quality exercise bike (second hand, multiple programs) put it in front of the telly and got reaquinted with Frasier. Worked back on bike in 6 weeks.


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Thanks for your reply... Looks like all the subways sold out in my area, not sure which to pick from halfords now

How would a big bear plus woosh compare with carrera? Even though I'm at the end of the weight limit for big bear would it be a better ride?

Would I be able to benefit from the electrical assistance of a big bear at my weight?

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