2nd Bike Kit

Does anyone know where I can get a full 2nd bike kit (speed, cadence and monitor holder thing) for a Polar cs200cad in person, i.e. not online as I can't access any shopping sites at work and no internet at home!

I'm based in central London so anywhere in zones 1 or 2 would be handy!

Thanks all!


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looking at Evans winter catalogue, they stock that hrm,so i would presume they would do the kits as well.Looks like they have shops all over London.Failing that Edinburgh Bicycle cooperative show a cadence kit for £19.95 and a speed sensor kit for £24.95, they have a mailorder phone number ; 08452570808. EBC have a good reputation , may be worth a phone call:smile:


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Great, thanks all, to be honest i totally forgot about being able to phone these people. But then again I can't see their web pages to get the number so thanks again!
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