32mm tyres on Sirrus?

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Hi, currently running the standard 28mm tyres on my new Sirrus which I've had for a couple of weeks. I am going to get some armadillos as the supplied tyres are hopeless, have had more punctures in the last 2 weeks than in the last 8 years on my old bike.

Question is, will 32mm tyres go on these wheels OK?

Am prepared to endure slightly more rolling resistance to be able to happily consider going down some of the rougher places i used to venture with the previous bike (Dawes Horizon).
The rims will be wide enough but I can't remember what the clearance is like; I've got 25's on mine at the moment.


Nr Cambridge
Tyres I have are Specialised All Condition Pros. I have 25C rear and 23C front on Mavic Open Pro CD rims and Campag Record hubs. I found this the best combo for me. I did have 28C tyres when it was supplied, but after they wore out I only used 28C (Armadillos) on the rear when carrying a really heavy load or during winter on the OE Alesia V rim with the non descript supplied hub which feels rough. But since I no longer cycle, it's purely academic.

Aren't 32C tyres overkill for the bike? I think they would just about fit, if not remove the mudguards, but then you become all wet and dirty. 28C would be more than adequately fat IMHO.

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