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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by orkneyblues, 21 Sep 2006.

  1. orkneyblues

    orkneyblues Well-Known Member

    Hi all, just joined this forum, I live in Orkney, a small group of islands in the north of Scotland. I have just taken up cycling in order to get fitter and hopefully healthier. I have a Dawes Galaxy tour bike and use it to cycle to work, only 15 miles round trip, but more than enough at the moment. The weather has been a bit wet and windy this week and I admit I wimped out and opted for the car :blush: but hopefully there will be a few more weeks left to commute before it does get nasty. I like the Galaxy as I can carry in the panniers what I used to carry in a rucksack more easily and the triple chainring helps a lot while I try and get fitter.
    Although it is frequently windy here, the spectacular scenery helps to enjoy the trips.
    Hope to enjoy some interesting comments in this forum, all the best for now.
  2. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    Salford, UK
    Not an Orkney expert, having only been there once, but what a fantastic place! A bit windy at times... But beautiful.

    Not sure how long a trip round would be, I've only driven there, but I guess you could do a variety of trips, island hopping via the causeways, or even including a ferry or two. I'd like to get back for a cycling holiday some time.

    I did a lap of Papay on foot, in about 6 hours, but that included a lot of stopping to look at the archaeology, and that's one of the smaller islands.

    And then I got the World's Shortest Scheduled Flight back to Westray. All of a minute and a half in the air, from takeoff to touchdown.
  3. Bigtallfatbloke

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    I am also 46 and I also own and ride a daws galaxy :blush: :rolleyes:
  4. starseven

    starseven Guest

    Hi OB

    Im not 46 and dont have a galaxy. Still commuting in/on? Orkney sounds appealing, the longer I commute the less I seem to carry. I would imagine you will need to wrap up come the dark months though. :blush:
  5. Keith Oates

    Keith Oates Janner

    Penarth, Wales
    Commuting on Orkney in the winter with the cold and the wind will no doubt keep (get) you very fit and 15 miles is good distance to cover on a daily basis. Now we will need progress reports after a few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Globalti

    Globalti Legendary Member

    Hello, welcome! I was in Orkney a few months ago; I loved the place. We went up for the leaving party of my cousin Ann Earley of East Breckan, Holme. I was blown away by the atmosphere and the peace. My wife used to dive the German wrecks in the Flow and my Grandpa was in the Navy there, so the visit had double interest for us.

    It struck me at the time that wind will be your worst enemy on Orkney!
  7. Si

    Si Well-Known Member

    Last time I was there I noticed that nearly every other bike I saw had clip on aero-bars. And when it took me twice as long to ride from Kirkwall to Skara Brae as it did from Skara Brae to Kirkwall I found out why :?:
  8. Monty Dog

    Monty Dog New Member

    I had the pleasure of spending a couple of weeks there about 20 years ago. I was staying in Stromness and wanted to hire a bike for a day and found a guy doing bike rental for a few pounds a day. Paid my money and was duly presented with an Raleigh roadster with rod brakes, leather pads on steel rims and of indeterminable vintage. I asked about returning the bike as I wouldn't get back 'til late - it was June and it didn't get dark to about 11pm - he said just to leave it inside the gate - there was no risk of it getting nicked! After straightening-out the chain guard which was bent with a few well-aimed kicks, off I went squeaking and clanking across the mainland. I expect it's still there for hire or in a museum. I can't imagine a better place to start cycling and you'll certainly get used to riding into the wind.
  9. beanzontoast

    beanzontoast Veteran

    South of The Peaks
    Welcome! I'm nudging 50 and own 2 Dawes Galaxies. Are we the target consumer group or what!? :?: :?:

    I commute year round on the older one and keep the newer one for 'best'. I predict you will soon begin to yearn after expanding your 'collection', however - just got back from the LBS looking at prospective bike number 4!
  10. OP

    orkneyblues Well-Known Member

    nice to read your comments everyone, I see some familiar names here from 'the other place' nice to see yous.
    Its good to hear that those that have visited Orkney have had an enjoyable experience, I have only been living here for 4 years and I really wouldn't like to live in the central belt of Scotland again, way too hectic. Orkney is really best experienced by bike, everywhere is accessible very easily.
    Here is a useful link for anyone interested in Orkney,
    http://www.buyorkney.com/ I don't h...n and will carry on enjoying the posts here.
  11. Hi Orkneyblues, I'm also a Galaxy - and - Squier - Tele - owner. (And a 70's Fender Strat ... and a Cannondale ... and all manner of other musical instruments and bikes, much to Mrs RT's despair.) You'll soon get fit with a 15 mile round trip into the Orkney wind! How long have you played the guitar?
  12. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    Salford, UK
    I think I hired it on Westray two years ago... :?:

    Well, it was something similar! I chose the only bad day of the week to hire a bike, and spent most of it struggling against the wind, and a glorious 5 minutes doing about 30mph without pedalling!

    Interesting to hear about all these Galaxies. I have one, found very cheap second hand - currently dissassembled for a rebuild, which I must get round to... And my late partner (33) had one, he'd had it for years, since he was a teenager, and once rode it from York to Orkney. Since he died, it's been in storage, and I have to work out what to do with it. It's too big for me, and it ought to be used, but for obvious reasons, it has to go to someone who will cherish it, and I haven't worked out who yet (all my cycling mates already have the bikes they want). A bike like that, you almost feel you have to consider its feelings.

    Anway, sorry, got a bit reflective there. I'm hoping one day to get back to Orkney for a proper cycling holiday. Maybe on the recumbent... :?:
  13. Cycling Naturalist

    Cycling Naturalist Legendary Member

    Isn't Windybiker living in the Orkneys?
  14. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    Salford, UK
    <hint> I believe the locals prefer you to say "Orkney", not 'the Orkneys...'
  15. OP

    orkneyblues Well-Known Member

    I have usually always had a guitar around, I used to play a beautiful blonde jap suire strat and sold it on before I really got to appreciate it, wish I still had it. I have had this Korean tele for 2 yrs now and it fits like a glove. I play through a Roland cube 60 amp with a Digitech Jamman, which I also love. It has brought me on a lot in a short time. It is like a band in a box. I also jam with my neighbor who plays bass ( he's the one who just got a galaxy). His kids join in too on fiddle, drums, keyboard and singing. I have never met a more musical family. Like I said before, we have a monthly blues jam usually on the 1st Friday of the month at The Wrigley Sisters studio cafe in Kirkwall, which is on tonight. i would recommend it to anyone who happens to be up in Orkney at the right time, all are welcome regardless of whatever level you want to play.
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