50s cycling film, lovely

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Ah, that's wonderful.

Thanks for sharing Peejay. I'm not sure I'd like all the tweed, but the carriage for bikes (A WHOLE CARRIAGE!!!!) ... It all seems so much better than the grudging acceptance of bikes by some train operators these days.

Although, where are their helmets? And hi-viz etc... :biggrin:


Melksham, Wilts
The uk is not crowded the south east on england is. People seem to be under the impression the uk has people bursting from the seams.
I believe manx is the most densely populated area in the uk?
miloat said:
I believe manx is the most densely populated area in the uk?

That's because it's a tax - free London suburb, in effect.
Brilliant peejay - thanks!

I WANT that orange juice with the gold foil top!!! (and some gore tex full length tartan cycling socks)
And the two guys from the CTC poring over a map must be Simon l1/2 etc and, say, Spire - in another life! ;)
I grew up in Husbands Bosworth and the the pub they stopped at was my local. Also, the first house I bought is in the film:smile:

In 2005 we had all the plans in place to make a new film with the CTC exactly 50 years after the first. But engineering works on the railways meant we couldn't get the bikes there in time, so we had to scrap the idea:sad:
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