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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by neilRoebuck, 5 Aug 2012.

  1. neilRoebuck

    neilRoebuck New Member

    Bradley Wiggins has persuaded this former 'chain banger' to get on my bike again. Problem is I'm terribly overweight and am having problems in getting some cycling shorts sized 5xl and above. Embarrassing but true.

    Can anybody help?
  2. MrJamie

    MrJamie Oaf on a Bike

    Theres some http://www.tenn-outdoors.co.uk/mens-8-panel-cycling-shorts-with-professional-moulded-pad--black-5xl or http://www.cycle-clothes.co.uk/cruiser-stretchable-baggy-cycling-shorts-cyan-5xl, but im not sure theyre actually that big id have guessed youd want bigger if you normally go for 5XL or more. You could just wear normal sports/football shorts, youll probably drop weight/size pretty quickly if you get things in check anyway :smile:

    Welcome and good luck!
  3. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    The size chart puts the 5XL in the 44-46 inch waist for both items.
    You could also try Jacamo no cycle specific gear but tracksuit bottoms and other gear up to 62"waist.

    You could also look at companies that sell the padded inserts to go into your present clothes. Aerotech designs is just an example as it was clearer with the options and possibilities
  4. mr_hippo

    mr_hippo Living Legend & Old Fart

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