A faster shoe


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They're learning from cyclists.


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It’s just a natural progression of technology, when I had my first racing bike as a lad, my current carbon framed Giant Defy would have been the thing of Sci Fi now it’s the norm, there’s only one decision the athletics authorities have to make, ban in competitions or let everyone use it, looks interesting though.


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Same with ice hockey skates, Nike brought out new model, lighter than the rest supposted to make you faster on ice. Drawback £1000. a pair


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generally stiffer sole = better power tansfer as far as shoes go, i doubt they can make them any stiffer to any benefit than they are now .
Rebound effect in cycling would serve no purpose i would think as it would interrupt smooth pedal style


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They need to put this tech into the bicycle tyres.
Or just use existing tarmac 'tech'... After many years of having to put up with the crappy road surface between Todmorden and Littleborough, I can now enjoy a couple of kms of pristine tarmac. Unfortunately, the new surface only goes as far as the junction with the Bacup Road. When coming off the poor surface onto the fresh tarmac I can immediately go up a gear or two without having to make any extra effort. Going the other way, at the transition it feels like my brakes suddenly start to drag.

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If they really wanted it to be all about athleticism and nothing about technology, couldn't they just limit the sole thickness to 5mm? Just enough to protect your feet basically. I don't know much about running but that book Born to Run would suggest it's feasable.


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Don't listen to such BS, you can have all the lightest wind cheating stuff you can possibly buy and you're speed won't improve, all that crap is nonsense generated by the cycling industry to goad rich people into parting with their money in the attempt to gain speed. I saw this same crap happen years ago in the golfing world, and knew a guy who bought into the hype of fancy scientific words of the how the clubs were made and how extreme testing proved it, and on and on and on about golf clubs that cost $2,000 EACH! he got the entire set!! so I asked him about 3 months after he bought them if his game was better, his response was: "Shut up Froze! those damn clubs didn't nothing for my game!" And now they're wanting us to buy the speed hype in cycling because cycling is the new corporate golf, and rich people without much brains are cycling.

I can hear a lot of you screaming at me so how can I prove to you that it's all hype....hmmmmmmm, oh I know, let's look at the history of the world's longest bicycle race, the TDF, and see what history says. Please read: http://stats.areppim.com/stats/stats_tourdefrance_vitesse.htm. At first glance it appears that the speeds keep ramping up, however you need to interpret the chart better, let me explain. If you look at 1974 the line intersects at 35 km per hr, however in 2016 they continue to draw the line upward but in reality since 2010 the little dots show the speeds have actually dropped where the predicted line is, so in 2016 the average speed was 40 km per hr; so for the last 42 years we've only seen a 5 km per hour, or 3 miles per hour, so from non aerodynamic steel bikes to fancy aero CF bike that's the speed increase we get? Actually the picture gets worse because if you look at the dots they were doing 35 km per hour as far back as 1956!! But wait I'm not done having my fun with all of this, for you see since 1956 to now the average distance of the race has been reduced by 700 miles; so in 1958 the total distance was 2,795 miles over 22 days, in 2016 the race was 2,193 miles over 21 days, the race between those two years was actually reduced by 700 miles, but look at the average miles per day raced, in 1956 they raced an average of 127 miles, rounded down, per day, but in 2016 the average miles raced per day was 104, rounded down. This should tell you all that the only reason speed has gone up by a tiny amount of 3 miles per hour over the last 60 years is due to the race being easier in terms of miles, those 700 less miles allows the cyclists to have more energy in reserve and that's why the speeds have gone up, not all the fancy and expensive aero crap.

I know you all are going to deny this information I showed, but facts speak for themselves, and the emperor's new expensive fancy clothes that everyone in his circle said was so nice and he looked so good wearing them, have been reviewed to be no clothes at all.

And now someone wants to argue the effect of faster shoes? LMAO!!! or faster anything for that matter!
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