1. N

    Shoe size

    Hi, looking to replace my old shoes (basically) stout trainers for my hybrid, to a to a more road style(using the 2bolt SPS system) looking on various websites and e-bay the sizes seem to differ a great deal ie 44-size 9, 44-size 9.5,44-size 10, 45- size 10, while a realise that different...
  2. nickg

    Cycling Shoe size 11 ( Sorted)

    As the title says. I'm after a road bike cycling shoe in size 11 please. If you have anything then let me know. Thank you
  3. Tom B

    Shimano shoe part... Anyone binning SPD shoes?

    I need to replace the plate that the cleats screw I to in my shoe. As a bolt is seized in one of the holes of mine I think I've figured out how to get it out. Is any binning some old shoes and would t mind cutting up the shoe to get the plate out? It's the four hole jobbie that offers holes...
  4. PaulSB

    Shoe Stockists Northwest - suggestions please

    Morning all. I'm trying to find a retailer which carries a decent range of cycle shoes. I'm a road rider using SPDs but usually wear MTB shoes as I have very broad feet and find MTB shoes comfortable. I'm in the Chorley, Lancashire area and would consider Manchester, for example, as local so...
  5. gareth01244

    shimano sh-mt 71 spd shoes for sale

    Selling on behalf of my wife, bought a while ago but only used for walking and as such she found the soles a little stiff for long walks so after a couple of walks they have stayed in a cupboard. Looking for £20 posted.
  6. Pale Rider

    A faster shoe

    Recent events in the world of athletics appear to confirm a new Nike shoe does give an advantage over previous designs. Much talk among the runners of 'technical doping'. I wonder if such a shoe could give an advantage in cycling? Cyclists are not the same as runners, but they do both use leg...
  7. Chet Spiker

    Shoe care question

    I bought a pair of Giro Riddance shoes about a year ago and have been very pleased with them. They are comfortable and have good grip but there's a slightly embarrassing problem; they pong a bit! Nothing horrible but a kind of earthy farmyard fragrance that pervades the utility room where they...
  8. Levo-Lon

    The Training Shoe Phenomenon

    Now I've only ever used trainers for training never really liked them for leisure, as a kid i prefered monkey boots, good leather shoes and baseball type boots, plimsolls were for gym ect We now have people spending a small fortune on them as a must have fashion. Now a cycling shoe fashion...
  9. Paul Walters

    Replacing lost Northwave shoe heel pad

    The rubber heel pad from the sole of my Northwave road shoes has finally worn through and fallen off. The rivet is still there though. Does anyone know if this can be removed and a new pad installed?
  10. Levo-Lon

    Shoe clear out, mtb and road spd spd-sl size 43-44 uk 9

    All like new with hardly any wear. Let me know if your interested and which shoes. The Shimano are RO88 size 44 spd-sl The Specialized 2FO are a narrow fit size 44 spd suit a size 8-8.5 uk And the Carnac Impact are a nice fit 43 which is actually my size. The Shimano and specialized are £30...
  11. betty swollocks

    Dog poo in your spd shoe tread and cleats.

    How do you get it all out? I thought about putting the shoes in an old pillow case and then in the wash but I didn't fancy that. In the end I put the shoes in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight and in the morning gave them a whack on the ground outside Frozen shards of barker's egg shot off...
  12. Blue Hills

    Brake shoe tuner?

    Anyone use one of these...
  13. Kernow_T

    BNWT: Scott Road Comp Shoe (EU41) £21.95 posted

    Men's Scott Road Comp Cycle shoe EU41 suitable for 6.5-7 standard width. Brand new with tags just the lightest marks from trying on 23.95 posted (exc fees)
  14. Kernow_T

    **Try elsewhere**: Vittoria V Spirit Evo Road Shoe EU45 RRP £140 - £60 onoposted

    Brand new only tried on with the slightest marks to the bottom where I've walked around the lounge in them Vittoria Cycling Shoes V-Spirit Evo Road Shoe 2016 - black/green Product Name:Vittoria Cycling Shoes V-Spirit Evo Road Shoe 2016 - black/green Manufacturer:Vittoria Cycling Shoes Item...
  15. cyberknight

    Northwave shoe sizing ?

    Northwave lizzard mtb shoe sizing ? i have some spike evos in a 43 that are a bit big that i ride with thicker insoles and some scorpius ones in a 43 that are just right .Has anyone got any info on the lizzards as i have seen some i might go for in a 42 if they are closer to the spike evos .
  16. Spiderweb

    NOW SOLD Bont Blitz Carbon soled Road shoe

    Bont Blitz Size 42/UK 8 carbon soled road shoes for sale. These shoes have only ever been worn in summer with thin socks as they feel rather snug, I think they would be suited better to someone with size 7 or 7.5 feet. The uppers are in very good condition and the Boa fastenings work...
  17. Pro Tour Punditry

    Different sized feet - "shoe share"?

    My left foot is size 11 and my right is size 9 and a half. It's a bugger having to buy 2 pairs of shoes or get them specially made - anyone else similarly afflicted but the other way round want to share shoes?
  18. X

    SOLD: Specialized MTB shoe UK 8 (EU 42)

    Bought second hand hoping they would provide a roomy fit for thicker winter socks but as it turns out they are too big for me even with the thick socks on.... 2 Velcro straps and ratchet mechanism in perfect working order, and the shoe is in good condition, except for damage to the part at the...
  19. X

    *SOLD* Giro Privateer MTB shoe UK 7

    Used pair of Giro Privateer MTB shoes in size UK 7 (EU 41), only selling as I've upgraded to another pair of shoes. The ratchets and Velcro straps are in perfect working condition, and the shoe is in good condition except for some scuffs on the left side of the right shoe as shown. Also included...
  20. cyberknight

    cycle shoe tongue rub

    My giro herrduro shoes are comfy apart from the tongue which is pretty long , I have cut down into the tongue into the pre cut strips to make the tongue splay but it still feels what I would describe as niggly rather than uncomfortable. Has anyone actually cut the tongue on shoes lower ?, I'm...
  21. Accy cyclist

    Walking shoe recommendations

    It's getting too wet and grimy out there now to be wearing training shoes to go for a walk in,so i'm thinking of buying some walking shoes. I'd like some traditional leather ones,as i do like to shine my shoes up to a nice buffed finish. I realise that such shoes have been replaced over the...
  22. cyberknight

    thin shoe insoles or can i return the shoes ?

    I am struggling still to get shoes that fit, Latest pair cost £60 from decathlon , expensive for me and they felt fine instore but when riding my toes still have not got enough room . Took the insoles out and it felt a lot better, so i was wondering could anyone recommend a really thin insole...
  23. jowwy

    Specialized Sport - Road shoe

    Spd-Sl road shoe Size 45 - 1 month old hardly used £35 posted via paypal gift
  24. Rooster1

    Roosters... "HOW MUCH!!!!!!" Thread - Mavic COMETE ULTIMATE SHOE

    £900 for these shoes... Bargain
  25. Biff600

    Bontrager Race DLX Road Shoe - 1000 mile review

    I have had these road shoes for just over 1000 miles now, having worn a pair of Shimano R065 previously. These shoes have provision to take both SPD and SPD-SL cleats The Bontrager were on sale in my lbs for £40 down from £100, so for that money it was never going to break the bank. As a...
  26. Nibor

    Sidi vintageish shoe cleats free

    Free to a good home
  27. Okeydokey

    Shoe shops

    Happy for this to be moved, is a bit of a niave question though. I have started the voyage of discovery re: cycle shoes, cleats and pedals. Loads of info on here and similar places about the technicalities of the variations but.... is it down to the web to buy from? I can understand the...
  28. Blue Hills

    Fixing shoe soles

    I have a pair of newish Aldi MTB cycling shoes - I use them without cleats for general round town cycling/walking. Generally very pleased with them - on and off the bike. But a design weakness meant that the insert that screws in the bottom (you unscrew it to attach the cleats) detached itself...
  29. e-rider

    Shimano MTB shoe studs and wrench
  30. Snorrarcisco

    Shoe advice

    If one wanted some MTB/CX shoes which where not too uncomfortable to walk without making me look like my bowels have disintegrated themselves what would you recommend? Some deals on the web still fleeting around but not sure what you would say about them. £50 would be the real top end of what I...
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