A few "Firsts" for me yesterday...........all good :)


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1) First ride of the year. A 20 miler. Felt good all the way through and also the the end (although I did know that
I had done 20 miles:bicycle:.
2) First ride on my new bike.......a Giant Defy 2 carbon. VERY pleassed with it. Markedly more responsive than
my old bike (Ribble Sportive carbon)..........which some "b^*+$&d" knicked.
3) First time EVER with a double clanger..........my previous (at my request) had a tripple. TBH I didn't get chance
to really try out the BIG front chainring thingymajig (you can see I'm very technical) due to the strong wind.
4) Now my real boast...........FIRST TIME EVER 'COMANDO' :ohmy:. Padded cycling shorts and no skivvies (I know
the "purists" will tell me that is not true comando as that is how cycle shorts are supoosed to to work..... but!!)
I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was.
5) First time on the new saddle........the bike came with a Fizik Aliante which I nearly changed to a Sella Italia...
glad I didn't as the Fizik was so comfortable...........first time I have had a ride with absolutely no numbness

I turned 68 in February and as per another thread I am planning a 68 miler when I feel ready.........that ride
gave me a lot of confidence that I can do it.:okay:


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Well done!!
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