A gentle pootle in Kent - Sunday 1st August

It's time for another of my little rides in Kent. ;)

However, I've decided to do this one at a more gentle pace than last year's expeditions into the Garden of England, and not go up any 15%, mile long hills. It should be a nice little ride, perfect for unwinding after the Dun Run the previous weekend.

I was thinking of starting from Ashford (by getting the HS1 from St Pancras)* at 10.30, and then heading out to Lympne, Dymchurch, Lydd-on-Sea, have a pub lunch somewhere, then head down towards Dungeness, across to Rye, and then back to Ashford. 50-55 miles or so, along the lines of this route.

Maximum climb looks like 5% in places (but with a lovely 15% descent). Although I've also got this running on YACF, anyone here interested?


* other train services to Ashford exist, which start from other locations, and may be slightly cheaper but they're not as nice, nor as empty and can take considerably longer.


Tattooed Beat Messiah
Yep I'm interested Adam
Flying Dodo

Flying Dodo

It'll soon be summer
topcat1 said:
How many bikes can you get on the HS1?
Aperitif's answer assumes you put them across all the empty seats. :smile:

The real answer is probably about 12 in the designated area. As part of an extensive investigation, here are a few pics of the inside, showing the relevant part of the carriage.
Yeh - as stated...about 200! :smile:

A P.S. Adam. Remember the rattling from somewhere on Fri/Sat? My bike.

On Saturday night I examined said beast and found that the Blackburn Mars 4 which I have fitted to the seatpost, is a poor fit in the click-in bracket.
Furthermore, there are three very small Phillips screws which hold the click-in piece of plastic in place. All of these were not fully tightened, leading to a resonance whereby the two pieces of plastic were making that damned noise! I was ready to strip the headset!

Morale: Remember to look before you lever.


Please count me in - new territory for me.

I would be not deterred if an earlier start was planned in order to arrival at the lunch stop before the Sunday crowds out for the day with granny and kids.


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I've been thinking about this (I know it's always a dangerous thing for me to do!!) and looking at maps etc.

Anyone else in SE London/NW Kent feel it's feasible to ride down to this. It should just be a straight forward wander down the A20, I reckon 3 and a bit hours.

It makes for a long day but it would be a challenge.:biggrin:
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