A question for older (or more knowledgeable) cyclists


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In short.......what is/was a paget ??

I am reading The Golden Age of Cycling.....all about touring in the 20s/30s.
The writer keeps referring to putting on his 'paget' in heavy rain.
I have googled with no success.


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I would imagine some sort of cycling Cape.


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My bet it's the trade name for those thick black rubberised rain capes...

[Edit: the internet is much faster in Ghana than our old wireless...]


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I presume there was a version of a cycling cape that worked

But I had one when I was a teenager

wore it once only - I discovered that wearing it caused a normal sized teenager to increase in air resistance to movement becoming approximately the same as a large warehouse.
it felt like it would have been easier to pedal the warehouse home!
I rode home getting wet with it on my rack - it was nearly in a bin!!


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Ahhh many thanks.
I wore them in the 60s but never heard them called pagets.
I still remember the smell and they were really good as they kept you dry without sweating


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Oh, how terribly sad...I tried Googling and found THIS ARTICLE! :sad:
More positively... He was able to do LEJOG in 14 days at the age of 77, was fit enough to attempt it in 12 days at 86, and died doing what he loved and without a long period of suffering. I would much rather go like that than struggling on for many years like my parents. They died at 84 and 86 but were suffering ill health before they were even 60.
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