A quick pat on the back for myself.

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Started young, and still going.
My Audax bike's chainset had worn out, it was Tiagra and had come to the end of it's days, slipping on the chainrings and missing gears on the rear cassette. It was fine until I cleaned the chain thoroughly and then it started to play up. So I changed the whole lot for Shimano 105 and it only took me 45 mins to replace it all and with a few tweaks it now works perfectly. I am quite chuffed with myself. Have any others done something that worked first time, and what was it?
No, everything takes at least 3 goes.


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Birmingham, UK
It often takes me a couple of goes to get something figured out the first time. But I guess the one I'm quite proud of getting right first go was pressing in an FSA headset. Actually the hardest bit was getting the old headset cups out - I don't normally like to use a club hammer anywhere near my best bike!


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Seriously good effort!

Personally I'm still a few steps behind Keith - I'm pleased if my "repairs" make any positive difference at all!!!
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