A roadie tries a Brompton...


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Does anything happen on the video beside a roadie trying a Brompton? Before I expend 8.46 mins of my life on it?


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If you get an S-type, you're reasonably tall (so there is a bit of drop to the bars from the saddle) and you use the firm suspension block with a jubilee clip around it, it's not too bad for faster riding. Bar ends really help for climbing, and so do closer-ratio gears. The latter involves advanced tinkering.

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Michael Hutchinson wrote that he annoyed the occasional roadman by passed him on his Brompton.


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Michael Hutchinson wrote that he annoyed the occasional roadman by passed him on his Brompton.

When I was Brompton-ing... It was a regular occurrence for me on my commute. I can confirm roadies do not like it ^_^


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The GLW & I both have Bromptons among our other bikes and we love them - ! They do exactly what it 'says on the tin'; mixed mode transport. We both use them for wizzing around the city for shopping, going to the pub, flicks etc.. :bicycle: I'll often take mine into a shop, fold the rear wheel so it sits unsupported and I've yet to have any negative comments from shop staff. The Brompton's character appears to make it acceptable for such occasions. :thumbsup: And yes, we do often get admiring / interested glances & comments from folk. Around the city we find Bromptons more fun than full size bikes. Can't explain why, they just are - ! ^_^


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Being a new Brompton owner I am quite surprised how many Brompton owners think it is something other than an every day run of the mill bike. Suggesting taking it gravel and you are regarded as a heathen in some quarters. Its a "City Bike", it says it on the box.

Well my City bike is loving getting dirty on the farm and gravel tracks in Denmark.
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