A whole first page with...

rich p

ridiculous old lush
Did you meet him in Glasgow, Crock?


God Almighty
Dayvo said:
Bring Back Greedo! :becool:

There's a few others here I won't mention who should be told to bog off! :angry:
oh...I see how it is!

Greedo missing is just awful tbh....hopefully he will do a jesus on us and reincarnate
Jane Smart said:
I am missing him

You miss everyone. Hell, you even missed Spoilt Bastard Joe90, or whatever he was called.:biggrin:
User3143 said:
Admin's already said that he tried numerous times to remonstrate with Greedo and he still took the piss.
It's true, too. I speak as one of the mods that tried my best to defend Greedo in the face of criticism from many of the other mods, but Greedo pushed harder and harder until he left admin nowhere else to go.
However, he's not here to put his side of the story, so it's maybe best left at that.


I've no objection to people saying they miss Greedo, but please don't use this thread to post negative comments - it's not fair now that he is unable to respond.

For those that might want to stay in touch with Greedo, I've exchanged emails with him and agreed to pass on contact details. Just PM with your email address and I'll pass it on to him.



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Most of this forum is based on negative remarks about people or situations that can not or will not be defended by the subject under attack.
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