ABC Towns and Villages

rugby bloke

Love the idea, I'll definitely give it a go. Time to get the map out !


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My understanding is that everyone works through their own alphabet, starting at A.
Is this correct?
I’ve had a quick gander and I reckon I can get to F on just a 20 mile ride.

If this rain and wind would bugger off.
You are totally correct. We all do our own ABC etc. That is what makes it such a good challenge.


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I generally ride with a group of people who I think would not be keen on me stopping so often for a photo. I could cheat and post screengrabs from my video camera on my bike, but I guess that would not be in the spirit of the challenge.

If you want to make it really difficult then people should only be able to take the photos in alphabetical order, so no visiting village B and getting a photo before you have been to A.
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