Accidents waiting to happen.


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Yesterday and today i have seen seven e scooters.Oh boy they look flimsy.Six on road and one on a pavement.One in Manchester guy was using his mobile.Six of them were weaving in and out.They don't seem to be able to go in any form of straight line,i suppose that could be the condition of the roads.We followed one and as they come out to pass a parked car no looking over their shoulder.I can see accidents coming.Let's see how long before motoring groups begin moaning,like me i suppose.


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The more scooters the better. Get cars off the road. They are the real problem.


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Small wheels, less gyroscopic effect. I've had a go on one (on a private road, officer) and braking from speed requires great care - anything remotely close to an emergency stop will see you face plant.

I dont like them at all. Another excuse for lazy people to carry on being lazy instead of walking or cycling. Humans first walked erect tens of thousands of years ago, cycling is about 150 years old...two viable methods of environmentally friendly locomotion that have been with us for a long time - why do we need to ravage the planet to make batteries and motors, and to generate electricity to charge them, so lazy peop,e can continue to be lazy? I mean, am I imagining the governments current anti obesity campaign?

Be a shame if a 6ft, 17st chap were to step in front of them.
I'm a 6'4" 19 stone chap. If a shortarse lightweight stepped out in front of me it would end very badly...for them.
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I don't expect you to like or ever think about owning a scooter but they are far less of a problem for you to worry about when it comes to motorised traffic.
You are so wrong.
I like them. Great idea.
If I was younger I would have one, no doubt.
They are jusr dangerous when weaving in and out at 15/20 mph on pedestrian lanes.

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Ah, e-scooters again. A form of transport evolved from kids toys. Well, now that Boris Bunter got told off in hospital for being porky & has prescribed cycling to combat obesity, can't see how standing on a small platform about 3" above the ground and relying on a small electric motor is going to contribute much to that. I'm with Drago on these things - fashion fad appealing to the bone idle who can't be a*sed to pedal since its a wee bit too much effort.
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