Accom Nevers - St Nazaire

Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by wallabyhunter, 10 Apr 2008.

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    Hi continuing my thread Le Tour (well my version anyway) I am asking about accom recomendations on the tour. I am flexible enough between camping & 4*, but prefer to stay in good, clean, family places. Prices up to 100 euro, but prefer <60 euro.

    My anticipated over nights MAY be:-
    1) Nevers (definate, this the starting point)
    2) Briare/Gien
    3) Orleans
    4) Blois/Amboise
    5) Loches
    6) Chinon/Saumur
    7) Angers/Cholet
    8) Nantes (prefer out of the city)
    9) St Nazaire Day(s) off here!!!

    Then I'm off towards Brest, around Britanny & on to Normandie.

    If anyone has any definitly stay here, or definitly don't stay here, I'd be happy to know. Also, any thoughts on the route? too fast/too slow? need to stop here? need to see this?

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