ACE rack and wheels for Brompton


I didn’t like the standard Brompton rack, so removed it from my bike and sold it.

A few weeks on and I realised that as well as the obvious ability to carry stuff, the rack protected the mudguard from scratching and the bike was much easier to wheel around on 4 wheels than 3. I also got fed up with constantly bending the stays slightly to make sure the tyre wasn’t rubbing on the guard.

I’ve now fitted this:


It’s not as sturdy as the original and I wouldn’t want to carry a lot of weight on it, but it will do for light loads.

It looks very neat, IMO, protects the mudguard and makes wheeling the bike around much easier.

Overall I’m Impressed.

Mark Grant

Acting Captain of The St Annes Jombulance.
Hanworth, Middx.
Got a link please.


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London, UK
Have you actually put anything on it? While I still have some upper body strength, I'm happy to carry my Brompton during the few times I need to take it anywhere folded, so only would ever add the rack if I wanted to stick a rucksack or something on it.
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