Adjusting brake level


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Is there a way to move the brake level further out so I don’t keep scraping my knuckles on it? When the grips are installed there isn’t enough room and I often catch it. The one on the left is fine. I’ve had a look but not being technically minded I’m not sure how to move it!


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Not familiar with that particular Shimano lever assembly but there should be an adjustment screw for reach.


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Don't have any experience with adjusting flat bar brake levers but when you adjust reach on sti levers it affects the brake clearance at the wheel if rim brakes.

Someone with more flat bar knowledge than me will know.


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Not necessarily true.
Ok, will revise my post...

In my experience of adjusting reach on sti levers it has affected the clearance at the rim.

I fully realise that this may not be the case on all levers but was just trying to forewarn the op of a potential effect of said action.

As I stated I do not have experience of adjusting brake levers on a flat bar bike.

If I have caused confusion for the op I apologise.

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