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I was given an old adult trike. single speed, single drive wheel, coaster brakes, caliper up front. I have limited skills, and tools. no welding or power tools. I wish to electrify the trike in the easiest way possible at the least cost. what I want is a simple system consisting of nothing more than batteries, throttle, and motor. the first thing that comes to mind is multiple "generators" for lights mounted on all three tires, for a total of 6. I can keep the chain or not. since the drive wheel also free wheels. so the pedals do not need to be used, the 6 generators would be wired either in parallel or series. the battery(ies) would be connected to the generators, throttle in a simple 3 wire circuit. in this way the 6 generators would operate as a motor, with all 6 operating at the same time each accepting the same voltage they would generate. as I understand that would be an output of 6 volts,each for a total output of 36 volts at 6 watts.they attach to any part of the structure. I would need to know whether I should feed 6 volts into each generator seperatley with a common connection to the throttle or some other wiring scheme. that would mean I would need 36 volts dc as power. a bank of 6 volt 10 or 20 AH batteries would be feasible, 6 volts into each motor. or perhaps a single 36 volt battery feeding all 6 at the same time.all advice welcome at this email address. again I cannot use a hub motor. or kit, nor a gas engine. all too expensive and too complicated for my limited skills.


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I'm guessing mid drive would make simpler?

Some of the Chinese kits are very decent and 3 or 4 hundred sheets should see you sorted. To he honest, while its not impossible to sort or acquire parts separately and adapt other parts, for the saving made its not worthbthe headache. Thats why you see so few genuinely home brewed from scratch set ups pit there.

Throttles are illegal unless they cut off and only provides assistance, not solo electric power, above 3ish (3.6?) MPH for all new bikes and builds after 01/01/2016.
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A TSDZ2 with throttle will work by swapping out the front chainring. Add battery. As long as you dont over gear the setup, you will only need one gear to get around most roads and hills
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