advent begins tomorrow

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Colne, Lancs
Advent begins tomorrow. Has anyone got an advent calendar?
My kind friend who works for Fairtrade Foundation sent me a Divine chocolate calendar (my guess is that they got given a load free). So, for the next 24 days I have a ready suply of divine choc. Once a day I have that to look forward to.


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Salford, UK
Nah, I haven't bothered buying one for myself, and no-one's bought me one....


I may cave in tomorrow and get one for myself.


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My son has a pretty unique calender. It consists of model houses, shops, markets, stations etc which have lights in them. He gets them att he Weinactsmarkts in Germany. Each house has a number and a lid. Under the lid are the presents from Mrs. BTFB...sweets, toys, decorations for the tree, money, all sorts of stuff. Each year the village grows bigger and att he moment it occupies two table sin his room!

I got a Docter who calender from Mrs BTFB but i no longe reat chocolate so I'll give it to my nephew.


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We have a cloth Xmas tree (dating from Mrs F's childhood) about 1metre tall with pockets on the front, one for each day. We hang it on the wall, and we load it up with goodies (1 per day for each kid).... just fished it out of the loft, in fact!


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My Grandaughter also has a cloth style one with pockets, when I go round to visit she will run to it and stand in front with arms wide in an attempt to stop me nicking a choccie. Keeps me amused:-)


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twentysix by twentyfive said:
Good for you Cathryn - enjoy :biggrin:

Personaly I've been trying to find something positive to post - so many thanks for the opportunity :biggrin:

You should still be excited about being a senior member young man!!! I'm THREE posts away and frantically trying to find threads where I can contribute!!! Heeheee


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I got a Docter who calender from Mrs BTFB but i no longe reat chocolate so I'll give it to my nephew.[/quote]

If the choccies etc are from Doctor Who and have therefore arrived in a Tardis, what size are the choccies when you take them out of the Calendar? Just imagine ---- room sized choccies:biggrin:
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