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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 11 Oct 2018.

  1. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member

    Those ones you get at the top of the page.
    I just saw one that read....
    Tweed capes, faux fur.

    Not sure I want one.

    Any other oddities out there ?
  2. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    There's the life insurance, funeral plans and now and again, coffins.
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  3. Do they not relate to stuff you've been searching for online?
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  4. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    Never searched for life insurance online. Nor hats.
  5. Threevok

    Threevok Junior Member (Trainee)

    South Wales
    I don't think they are related to what you search, more like what people have typed

    There was one for a weird looking gizmo, so I clicked on it to find out what the hell it was and it turned out to be a radiation detector
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  6. Andrew_P

    Andrew_P In between here and there

    Using the demographics of post content..
  7. winjim

    winjim A youth of interminable age

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  8. Maybe your avatar? Maybe the algorithm thinks it could do with a hat.
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  9. Drago

    Drago Soiler of Y fronts

    I enjoyed the Ukranian ex-Speznatz Mercenaries For Hire ad.
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  10. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

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