Adverts promoting fast driving.

There's a definite trend (think Audi etc).... and i thought they weren't allowed to advertise on a "speed" basis?

EDIT : my knowledge is gleened from my memory of an old Top Gear
Only message I got was...if I find myself being chased by lots of people with bombs and helicopters, across a winter resort, that I might want to consider that car...think I'll just not become a ninja skilled spy instead though.
Local speeding enforcement differs from country to country...
The latest Audi one I heard on the radio, informs you that you never need to worry about listening to the weather forecast again before going out. Presumably it comes with a snow plough as standard?
I suppose you could argue that's true - everyone should know how to either alter their driving or choose not to drive simply by walking out the door and looking!


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It also encourages me to shoot at cars when I'm out in my jet.


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This is no worse than watching Clarkson and co on Top Gear messing around on their airfield with Audis, BMWs , Ferraris etc...The only difference is that the guy in the
Peugeot can actually drive.


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They're obviously going to say it's not on a public road - so no requirement obeying any speed limit.
nothing that you won't see in any James Bond film or Playstation video game.
But the presence of ski tows, a mountain cabin and a road, should cause a driver to expect to see members of the public in the vicinity.
Do we approve of the message given to impressionable drivers in James Bond films?

This is no worse than watching Clarkson and co on Top Gear
That would be a feeble defence of the advert. considering the flak Clarkson and Co.have had on this forum.

There could be an encouragement to drive on ice covered water, never a good idea without considerable research beforehand.

Driving and/or flying recklessly is always going to end in tears, why glorify such actions?

An irresponsible advert well worthy of a note to the ASA:angry:, but I haven't seen it on tv.


There are definitely rules about the use of speed in car adverts - there was a Jaguar one banned for that reason recently (i hadnt seen the advert until after it was banned then i went searching for it after the media the advertisers did their job)
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