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  1. mart9012

    mart9012 New Member


    My 2002 Specialized Expedition Sport has been stolen :wacko:

    One of the reasons I loved it was it felt tough, I loved the trigger gears, the front suspension and it was really a quality bike. I didn't think it was that light even with its A1 aluminium frame though and I think I might have preferred narrower tyres, but that is easy to fix. Anyway I am a heavy, fairly strong bloke and having bent a cheap British Eagle chain wheel going up a hill I really need a tough replacement. My only problem is budget.

    I am mostly pounding up local hills, lots of road riding, some light trail riding (we have an old converted railway track called the Phoenix Trail) and even shopping (bags on handlebars etc..). Its my main form of transport!! I am nearly 16 stone so strength is an issue!

    I have looked in Evans sales, the GT Nomad 2007 at £200 is in my price range and even some Specialized Hard Rocks are about there at £225. But I have no idea of the quality of other makes. I have looked in ebay, and the second hand Specialized Sirrus looks ideal at around £150 - £250 for the more basic ones but all the other makes again I have no idea. Saracen, Trek, Claude Butler, Giant.. ??? I am ok with a second hand bike if it means sacrificing newness for quality!

    Please any recommendations? Budget up to £300 max i guess..
  2. Maz

    Maz Guru

    I can recommend the Sirrus. It's a very good hybrid and no slouch on the roads either.
  3. OP

    mart9012 New Member

    Ok, so today I went into a cycle shop in Aylesbury, Buckingham Bikes. Looked at their range and spoke to their salesman..

    In my price range we looked at the Ridgeback Rapide Element and cheaper Velocity and the Giant Cypress range. I guess I like the idea of aluminium frames, front suspension and Alivio gears. Quite like the mor road oriented style although whether they will cope as well as the Expedition I just dunno. Whether the carbon forks on the Element are really necessary I dunno either. Not sure what to think about these makes and models.. They did Trek as well, but they seem less well equipped for the same money... Buckingham Bikes have a 6 month interest free deal on too..

    I wonder how the entry model Specialized Sirrus compares specification wise to the above models???
  4. I've got a velocity and the Sirrus. The Sirrus is a lot faster/ lighter better spec'd bike than the Ridgeback. I use the Ridgeback now for commuting as I'm only going a short distance. I used to use the Sirrus for the commute when it was longer but now its for leisure/ day trips and winter club runs. My Sirrus has went along rough canal paths and short sections of off road but I wouldn't do this often.
  5. MarkF

    MarkF Guru

    I have a Dawes 501, a good looking, robust bike with a decent spec, you'll get a 2007 model like mine for a touch over £300, a bargain IMO.
    I pursuaded my pal to buy a bike and he bought a 201Eq (Eq= equipped with guards and a good rack) for £199 from the very helpful Drakes Cycles in Leeds, a steal!
  6. dantheman

    dantheman Über Member

    +1 for this being a bargain at that price.- was gonna get this model myself for 310 quid from , but as they didnt have my frame size, got a discovery 601 (2007) for 400 quid.. that was double my original budget, still early days (nearly a month, commuting everyday) but im glad i spent the extra, and am very happy with it. I weigh a little over 16 stone as well..
  7. Ed68

    Ed68 New Member

    Alright Mart,

    I'm new to the site (and biking) but if you liked the Expedition Sport then why not go for the Expeditin Elite? The 2007 model is on sale (£250) in Evans and falls in your budget.
  8. OP

    mart9012 New Member

    i got my Expedition back.. but actually the 2001/2002 models are vastly different from the new models. My old Expedition Sport is more MTB styled and more like the Globe. The new model Expedition range leans far more towards a comfort bike and isn't anywhere near as rugged or offroad capable as the old ones. I quite like the Globe range but now I have my own Expedition back from being dumped on the railway line... my next purchase will be something more like a Trek 7300 or Dawes 501 I guess.. Saw a sale 1007 Dawes 701 and nearly bought it at £350!! See how money is when i wanna buy again!
  9. Ed68

    Ed68 New Member

    Fair enough!

    I know the newer model is very much a comfort bike - that's what I love about it.

    If I got into this cycling 'lark' at a younger age no doubt I'd be whizzing down mountain paths but I'm happy just to pootle.

    Only 6 rides and I feel fitter already!
  10. OP

    mart9012 New Member

    Hey its horses for courses... One of the great things about cycling is that there is a niche for everyone.. Certainly my original need was simply to get to work simply and cheaply, now I use the bike for keep fit mostly. I'm delighted you are enjoying your bike, whatever it is. I am certainly enjoying mine and its ever changing role!

    Good luck!
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