Advice needed about a crack on my frame

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I noticed today that a crack has appeared on my bike frame, it's where the seat stem sits, and it's about an inch long. I thought the frame was carbon fibre but someone i saw out today said that it's made from light alloy. What can i do to stop it from spreading or is it irreparable?:sad:


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Is it carbon or alloy?


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I would say that carbon is a lot easier to repair than alloy, but then I have played with both materials unlike a lot of people who have not.

Just found this great list of how to repair alloy frames.

1) Disassemble the bike to the frame;
2) Remove any finish with a chemical solution;
3) Take the frame to a heat treater and have it annealed (this means that the metal is taken to a "zero temper");
4) Weld it with the appropriate rod using the appropriate technique;
5) Reanneal the frame (since the welding makes the frame hard again);
6) Immerse the frame in a molten salt bath solution for the correct time;
7) Place the frame in an aging room for the appropriate amount of time;
8) Check the frame for proper alignment and to make sure that none of the tubes have deformed;
9) Immerse the frame in a phosphate bath (or other cleaning solution);
10) Primer and paint;
11) Reassemble the bike.
How old is the frame? Could it still be covered by a warranty?

Mine cracked in about the same place, but way past the end of the warranty and so I sent it in to get repair. Cost about 250, but I get a new seat tube a respray and some new parts.

There's not much you can do yourself so as mention, either take it to your LBS or contact the manufacturer directly.

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If its an alloy or a steel frame to stop it cracking further drill a small hole at the very botton of the crack. Steel frame easily welded with a mig welder. Alloy would need someone with a tig welder and is a little trickier. Any car body shop would be able to repair a steel frame.

Comes down to if it is within warranty.
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