Advice on a few things actually


After recently getting into road biking I need advice on a few things.

Firstly, at the moment I am flapping around in tracksuit bottoms, heavy trainers and any random football top. I need some cheap clothing, I don't mind jerseys, but I'll save the spandex shorts for now. If there's any alternatives, they'll be appreciated. I also need some shoes, but have no idea where to start, they need to be cheap aswell as I'm really tight on cash at the minute.

Secondly, cycle computers, I've had limited experience with them, I just need a basic, odometer readout, mph, time. If it is wired and mounted using zip ties, can this ruin the bikes paintwork?

Finally, MD80's, I've heard good and bad reports about the chinese ones. So I need a definite answer, Are they worth it for a first time camera?

Any help with anything is appreciated.



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Sports soccer, or sport direct or whatever its latest incarnation is do some Karrimor cycle tops, long sleeve, short sleeve, shower-proof. also various shorts and elggings both padded and unpadded.

At the mo my local aldi still has some cycle shoes in for about £20, they are the casual style and not road specific but you could get some shimano clipless pedels (about £20 from ebay) as a cheap way to get into it.


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Wired cycle computers are the way to go if funds are limited. Cheap wireless is likely to be sub standard. Wireless computers also require cable ties to attach sensors. But all in all they won't damage the paint. Could pick one up in Tesco or decathlon for next to nothing. Or aldi might have some left at 3.99 a pop.

Decathlon also do cheap shorts and jerseys. Personally, I prefer the Nike skin tights from sport direct or soccer sport or whatever its called over cheap jerseys because they have a better fit. Can pick them up for about 15 pound. Can get cheap jersey in decathlon for 7 pound. Shorts come in about the same price.

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Sigma computers are attached by means of rubber O rings and rubber cushioned fittings. I have them on several bikes including carbon with no problems at all.


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If you feel lycra shorts are a step too far, you can get padded undies, and wear whatever shorts or trousers you like over the top - just avoid anything too thick with stiff seams, like jeans, if you're riding any distance (that said, I wear jeans to ride the 3 miles to work). When it's too cold for shorts, on a longer ride, I opt for Ronhill Bikesters - there are plenty of similar things done by other brands.
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Thanks for the advice, I've had a look on decathlons website, I might get a pair and wear them under my joggers just to get a feel, then when I'm no longer scared of road rash, I might just wear them.


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iAmiAdam said:

Secondly, cycle computers, I've had limited experience with them, I just need a basic, odometer readout, mph, time. If it is wired and mounted using zip ties, can this ruin the bikes paintwork?



No using zip ties does not ruin the bikes paintwork, it is worth getting a decent computer as they are more reliable and will be cheaper in the long run, personally I would recommend a VDO prices start at about £15 and they come with a five year warranty. You can pay less for some computers, but they generally don't last more than a couple of years...


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s already mentioned Aldi do some great offers for cycling gear. you've got to keep your eye open though because the offers are usually snapped up. i've bought some great gear from ebay. my latest to buys were a pair of cycling pants, with a retail value of 70 quid, bought for 14 because they were slight seconds. (The reflectors on one of the zips was scrubbed off, all .1000 of a mm) and I bought a good jacket, again a brand new but rejected because it failed some quality control.
It's well worth having a browse, you might drop lucky, I always seem to.
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